Steve Austin Tries Fancy Cocktails For The First Time

“I love alcohol.” — Steve Austin

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Sailing Boat (Rerub)
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Nick Worster says:

a Jolly Rancher shot made right is the best drink anyone will ever have

Dark jr. says:

Dude I miss him at wwe/wwf I wish he wasn’t fired!

knightfall209 says:

645 jabrones!

Manjeet Singh says:

i love u n u r my dad huge superstar 3:16

Bassthumbsup says:

I would love to have some drinks with stone cold

Daniel Reilly says:

everyone loves cosmos… even Stone Cold!!!!

Dean Morris says:

I’ll take a long Island iced tea all day long please

Allen Corona says:

0:55 Christopher Daniels approves

TheDude ofDudes says:

This is so fun to watch. Should have had more drinks

RBP69METAL says:

What to say about this crazy, american asshole…You’re a god among men, you entertained me for years and I love ya…you amazing redneck bastard!

Anthony Pierce says:

Seriously someone needs to give this guy a show or something come on I can’t be the only one who would love to see Stone Cold Steve Austin travel the country trying different beers and drinks in each state Am I really the only one?

simoliz03 says:

I love him! haha

320speed says:

Bring this guy back!

wampus cat says:

love how he looks sober at the begining and shit-faced at the end

Instict75 says:


KAMRAN977!!! VLOGS says:

Stone cold is still alive

Corey McKeon says:

1:28 is the best part – “I would call this…let me get one of those red piles of shit…”


anytime I drink a beer I channel my inner rattle snake and haul ass with out paying

American Tyranny says:

Little do you know, Stone Cold has become a girl drink drunk from this experience. He can’t go anywhere with out a blender and grenadine.

stanly mcstanlyson says:

Only good buzzfeed vid

Maverick says:


Boobie lou says:

I would call this give one of those red pales of shit oh a jolly rancher shot.

Johnny Cash says:

I hate this motherfucker


Can. I. Get. A. Hell. Yea?

KAMRAN977!!! VLOGS says:

An alcoholic drink is not good for you

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