The Best Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Gin

Hey ya. Kevin Brauch here. From Guinness to snake juice, I’ve drunk my way around the world as the Thirsty Traveler, and worked the floor with some of the world’s top chefs on Iron Chef America. Now me and my long-time drinking bud, Bill, have created Thirsty With a Twist – my way to pass back to you, all the great food and drink secrets, recipes and tips that I’ve picked up over the years. Subscribe now…yes right now…. so you don’t miss anything . Let us know what you’d like to hear about or learn. Hope to hear from you real soon. Stay thirsty for all the good things in life. Cheers!


AlKohaiMusic says:

When I try and convert anti-gin friends, I usually start with Hendricks, sweet and subtle. Also, I love when people say Gin Martini. It’s sort of redundant. Though I guess the Vodka invasion left little choice.

Caesar Roldan says:

I really loved the video but you need a better cameraman. Aside from not liking gin, you were out of focus for half of the video.

ShawJohn31 says:

You claim your parents had class… Ask them to teach it to you!

Shortcut Films says:   CHECK OUT my own homemade GIN !!! 🙂

Gabriel says:

Honestly, I was very impressed with my first gin based drink. I used 3 oz of gin, 1 whole large lime juiced, and about 9 oz of Perrier carbonated water,

Panda Clears says:

Hippster douch bagggg. Damn right.

Warrior xxZ says:

I drunk negroni last summer..It was awful. I don’t know if it was made the wrong way but I could not even drink it

Wicked Babushka says:

I drank sears gin,now im scared thst every gin tastes like sears did

dondestroy1 says:

for me a good ol’ ginger n’ Gin is good

BrandonChase 777 says:

Nicely done! thanks☆

Alaowyn Twitch says:

Dutch courage is bs, they stole the recipe from Italy and made it theirs

xOogieBoogie3x says:

Sapphire master race.

Den V. says:

My gateway drink to GIN was the Tom Collins. After that, I fell in love with GIN. Im shocked you didnt include it in this video.

Carpe Diem says:

Nothing like a Bombay sapphire and tonic in the summertime.

TrueBlueEG8 says:

Gin is an amazing drink, and in fact I think a Martini is the most quintessential drink ever. It is simple, but so classy, and very tasty, and as an added bonus it gets you hammered.

Luis Darosa says:


Zachary Taylor says:

This guy may be hopped up on juniper

El Light says:

you know what he right we make gin drinks like vodka drinks fucking Russian drunks lol!

Timothy Dingman says:

One of my early childhood memories was the scent of Juniper shrubs outside of my grandparents home. Even today, I judge Gin by it’s juniper scent. Living on the East coast of the U.S., I have lots of opportunity to taste gin distilled withing 40 miles of my location; Newark, NJ.

Den V. says:

GIN cocktails I reccomend for first timers are the :


Ask for Tanqueray or Bombay when youre at the bar. Most bars have it.

Clem Fandango says:

I only drink gin.

lerch25 says:

Sooooo TRUE!!!! the first thing I got drunk on was my dads gin. I’m trying to cozy up to gin tonight, but so far it tastes somewhere between pine needles and the bitter after taste of vomit. I am neither classy or James Bond it appears. Back to bourbon with me.

eugene bell says:

My first time for drinking alcohol was gin and coca-cola. That was enough to ruin anybody from drinking gin. Maybe it was not the gin, it might have been the fact that coca-cola is not the right thing to mix it with. I am game to try it with something else. I am gonna go to a bar and order myself a gin and tonic. See what that is like. If it tastes terrible I can always shoot it up. That is what I did with the Brandy I ordered. Anything tastes better when squirted through a dirty hyperdermic needle.

Mikuz says:

Gin is my favorite spirit. I love Gin Rickeys. Never was a fan of straight Gin and tonics but I love it with some elderflower tonic water.

Gagan Bains says:

good one

RubiConvicts says:

lmfao this guy is fkn funny

Martin Bruun says:

I put less Campari in my Negronis. Campari is a beast! And I twist my bramble with cinnamon syrup.

TheINfinityWarden 775 says:

Bombay on the rocks

Glock Fanboy says:


rock star2345 says:

Have you tried Sipsmith gin? My favorite!

Jimmy Swenson says:

brooklyn douchebag… hah!

President Oxford says:

yank + gin = huge arse laugh

Gabe Loco says:

Im about to turn 22 and gin is my absolute favorite but iv also been drinking for years almost all mt friend don’t like it but one shes also been drink alot for sum time and i just got her to try it and its her new favorite personally froot+gin is amazing cant even taste the gin with froot added is my opinion but then again might just be an acquired taste the fruit compliments the gin and gives the gin a whole new taste in my opinion if u add the right froot I hate grapefruit but it’s great with gin so is a little bit of lemon

Evan Wheeler says:

never drank gin before, is it not typically drank strait? i visually just stick to whiskey

Stephen Pollitt says:

beefeater is the best top shelf gin.

kurichan77 says:

What a total Pratt

SpittingTruth says:

A gin I have occasional trouble finding, but it’s my absolute favorite, is Gordon’s. Best gin and tonics come with Gordon’s.

rum is king weed is prince patsy cline is queen says:

I like gin but can’t stand gin n tonic too bitter only like it with juice orange juice only

gg gg says:

gin and lemon

CantankerousCanhand says:

Gin is definitely the way to go for a martini. Vodka has no flavor IMO. Trying to perfect my own martini and I gotta have an olive (or 3) in mine. Love em. Enjoyed the video

Tucker DeBord says:

So what if you like the taste of juniper berries then what lol

paurik08 says:

gin gimlet baby.

paurik08 says:

I love Gin, since I was 18! I’m 67.

Shazzkid says:

I think the bartender has been dipping into his own supply

Mustard 3 says:

Bond gets shaken not stirred because it dilutes the alcohol more so he doesn’t get as drunk when he’s shmoozing the ladies! Fun fact I thought I would share for those who stuck around to the end!

John Smith says:

oh you are so in our face and so on it

Joshua Frame says:

Loving your videos!

Mmala Mokone says:

I decided to blend gin, ice , frozen pineapple and tonic water. Tasted pretty good. wasn’t sure it would turn out well.

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