The Best Rum Cocktails for Beginners

Here’s a little bit about Rum and it’s just what you need to know!


Abe Froman; Sausage King of Chicago says:

If you’re in college, just load up on Malibu. Bitches lllooooovvveeee that shit

Neftaly Torres says:

Don Q is the best Rum in the Word

MrMudmouth says:

but why is the rum gone?

Stephanie Middleton says:

Dude, lay off the speed LOL

Susana Rivera says:

does it have to be an alcoholic ginger beer ?

Andy Mc.G says:

Love the energy!!

Big Daddy says:

They make rum in Antarctica……

612Tiberius says:

Why no mention of Meyer’s Dark Rum?

AndDiracisHisProphet says:

“Some of the best rums in the world”….Bacardi

Sound of Silence says:

Amazing thank you a lot !
I finally can make a decent coctail

Ivan Pero says:

this dude really loves his rum

Shannon G. says:

Damnit, Americans are annoying.

House of Blues says:

Looking for an easy yet delicious rum cocktail? Learn how to make our signature drink, House of Blues’ Hurricane: Or head to our House and let us pour!

koffeekage says:

i liked this video because of the ghost busters reference

Fulux Gaming says:

why does he remind me of the actor in house of cards

Jack Black says:


Paul Davis says:

1:27 The Daiquiri is easy to make, but it is not the easiest thing to make with rum. The rum & coke would be the easiest thing to make 😉

Lior Zisman says:

this guy is too much, couldnt watch till the end…

Zachary Whiteman says:

honestly I would tip the fuck outta this guy, hes cool

Shiflett Productions says:

whicch one is best if your having your first alcohol drink?

SuperNuela says:

Any venezuelan rum? a collection cannot be complete without a Venezuelan rum

anniearonburg says:

That PC Pineapple Juice is the BEST!

KristianH1986 says:

Don’t put ice in a good rum!! Heat the glass with hot water then serve it neat!!

Gilbert Caine says:

nice video i did not see any bajan rums on your video

Joaquin Reyes says:

anyone else think hes an annoying fuck?

Mr Happy Guy says:

I just bought a rum called Bumbu. It’s fucking amazing! Best rum ever!!!

Reksio Sabroso says:

Fuck Bacardi.

clearevil says:

That Zacapa 23 needs no ice, but if you do put ice cuz you have too, or if you are American, drink it fast, cuz you don’t want to water that down.

Joseph Smith says:

This guy is fucking great!

Domi0535 says:

i mean on one side that video was a pretty good introduction into rum cocktails. on the other side this guy is either on cocaine or tremendously american.

Kendrick fernandes says:

really lovely channel..

Sillvy says:

dude looks like mayor dewey

Headshot Deadshot says:

Even Antarctica

SamuraiOfTheIce says:

He says rum beginners should start with white rum. My first drink was captain morgan original spiced rum.

Geoff Holliday says:

What Hemingway drank ? last i head he killed himself

Brian Patnode says:

A true showman

Stin0x says:

Great vid! I need some ideas for the new year party 😉

gojo197zero says:

we bought a bottle of zaya rum, what can we do with it? I know drink but with what.

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