The Fish Bowl Cocktail, Most Amazing Cocktail Design Ever Invented

The Fish Bowl Cocktail, get yourself a fish bowl (literally) and build out a cocktail with some of the most amazing combination of ingredients to make it look, act and feel like a fish bowl.

E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger:

The Fish Bowl
1/2 cup Nerds Candy, 5 oz. Vodka, 5 oz. Cruzan Coconut Rum, 3 oz. Blue Curacao, 6 oz. Sour Mix, 16 oz. Pineapple Juice, 16 oz. Sprite, 3 Slices Lemon, 3 Slices Lime, 3 Slices Orange, 4 Swedish Gummy Fish


TheStankyGreen says:

I’d like to see you in 30 years when your in need of a liver transplant because you drank so much booze everyday. Alcohol is a drug, just because it is socially acceptable doesn’t mean you should do it everyday. I don’t do drugs but marijuana is 50x safer if you vaporize it or just do edibles. Tipsy Bartender already did this drink and did it better. Just because you consider yourself an “alcohol expert” doesn’t give you the excuse to drink everyday and be an alcoholic. I bet if you quit for a week you wouldn’t be able to deal with the anxiety. Please stop drinking(like a youtube comment is going to make you change your life for the better)

Flintquatch says:

Damn the awesomeness of the Crystal Head bottle!!

Aaron Strojny says:


MultiWoogie says:

hmm… the most complicated drink i’ve made i think must be Oboy

PyroBernardo Boomin says:

I think i just got drunk by watching this lol

Joshua Marrow says:

Really like the look of this, will definitely be making it at work!

Francisco Rojas says:

It taste  better if you use lemonade instead of sprite

bestdrinkrecipes says:


Lois Jeater says:

Do you mean sweet and sour mix when you mention sour mix CMC?

Kyle G says:

Love it I’m making this at Christmas during poker

Valerie Smusz says:

Most complicated drink I’ve ever made was: JUNGLE JUICE. I cannot claim invention on this concoction, but I can claim that this is MY own variation.

You will need:

A knife to cut a hole in your melon.
a skinny tool of your choice to mash up the fruit inside of your melon without damaging the core our structure of the watermelon.

1 giant Watermelon
1 large, peeled Cucumber, pureed.
1 cup fresh squeezed Lime Juice
1/2 cup fresh Lemon Juice
1/3 cup sugar/simple syrup
4 oz Light Rum
2 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Bic 151 Rum

Mash up the inside of your melon until all the flesh is pulp.
You can either remove the pulp and blend it with the rest of your ingredients then pouring it back into the melon-
Or you can just pour all your ingredients directly into the melon and keep it a little more textured, it’s up to you!

After everything is mixed inside of the melon, stick it in the freezer for about 1/2-1 hour to let everything chill together. You can even let it freeze and pour it as a slush when it thaws a little.

I serve it in glassed rimmed with salt/chili pepper.

Enjoy 🙂

Matthew Thiessen says:

Lol Doug’s a little tipsy

Daniel Broussard says:

i know this is going to be weird and its been a while since y’all taped this video, but the white and black thing that is on the shelf right, behind y’all in the middle on to.  i was just curious what it is???

Anna T says:

One of my very favorite videos from you guys!

Andrew Ford says:

Even If it did resemble fish, rocks, and a bowl it would still be a total waste…C’Mon.

Gooey Senpai says:

i think i have a dude crush on doug

Lois Jeater says:

I use a shot measure in ml to make my drinks. How many shots is 5 0Z? Or if your using a pyrex measuring jug how many ml on that is 50Z?

David Hartwell says:

Doug, you are my hero.  I cannot believe you would dump such a cocktail.. That is alcohol abuse and should be illegal.

MichaelD8393 says:

11:57 Ian “Screw the straws”! Kills me every time.

eleventy9x3 says:

could i mix this and save in a bottle for future use? (minus the ice obviously)

Matt Penta says:

Okay, I’m thinking of making this for a party.. Do you think using the measurements listed in the description is safe for one person to drink or do you believe i should half it?

Also this may sound dumb but is the Blue Curacao a syrup or an alcohol?

Troy Savage says:

is the coconut rum needed in this? like would it still be good without it?

Peter Callinan says:

Keep taking that cap off lmfao

QueenBoadicea says:

What do you do with the leftover candy? Do you eat them, throw them out or re-use them when you re-fill the bowl? This is a question to consider if you’re making this drink for a large party.

RaiderJames85 says:

Love this channel you deserves more subs I’ve shared your channel on my social media accounts

Funaki .Chidori says:

is the guy on the left retarded

Azz Levo says:

Is there a cocktail for John walker black label I got myself a bottle to try for the first time and it’s way to smoky for my taste

Theodore Ruiz says:

You guys are so awesome. Love the vids, you guys should do a vid on Adios Motherfucker.

jason s says:

Take a trip to 7 eleven and get some Slurpee straws. 

Monica Carter says:

Freakin awesome seeing I’m an aspiring bartenter! Thanks CMC!!!

Nicola Gregson says:

…. its 4.21 am on a Wednesday morning and I’m still on the skittles vodka. … its starting to taste like regret…..but sooooo good!! Hahaa

Catherine Brown says:

How old is the kid in the background?


My mates and I made this for New Years Eve…. only now just recovering in May! Such a great cocktail and awesome for parties, although you will definitely feel rather “fishy” by the end of it!

zaidalynn alicea says:

looks cool im goin to try it

Shadow 3091 says:

This thing is so awesome. One of the most dangerous drinks I’ve had

Grim Hazzard says:

Damn Crystal Head Vodka is expensive as fuck! But man is it awesome. 😀

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