The Manhattan, A Classic Cocktail Experience

The Manhattan is a classic staple cocktail to keep in your recipe book for those looking to understand the history of the spirit based cocktail. Created with a Rye Whiskey and a sweet vermouth (we use Vya), you get a simple yet complete cocktail every time.

As with any classic, it has its spirit, bitters and secondary liqueur/flavor with the vermouth. For such a simple drink, there are so many ratios and styles to it, we believe this is the most raw and classic of the designs.

Coupe Glasses:
Mixing Beakers:
Angostura Bitters:
The Zombie Cocktail:

2 oz. Rye Whiskey, 1 oz. Sweet Vermouth, 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
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Drink Responsibly.
Critical Hit, by No More Kings.


Jackson Taylor says:

Classic recipe videos make me long for a video about the best alcohol history books!

Chris Myers @TwitAMyers says:

“Would my subjects be considered material possessions?”…. King of the World

Aberusugi says:

Your stirring technique is funny. Just put the rod between your middle and ring finger, and moving your hand forward and backward at the wrist. It will move the spoon around the glass. Lot less effort than twiddling your fingers around.

EVD6360 says:

Old Overholt Rye, Bonal Vermouth, Bokers Bitters, Barkeep Fennel Bitters, Cherry Bitters, a spray of Macallan 12-year old Scotch and slide a Luxardo cherry in and you’ve got my perfect baller Manhattan. Bar none. Enjoy.

Dave G says:

Take the money. Love can’t pay the rent. Money always matters.

I'm The Cook says:

When Curtis drops sweet knowledge bombs, I get semi aroused.

Tim Todaro says:

Hey guys I’ve been a fan for a while. This episode kinda hit home with the QOTD and how Curtis said things are good and you just don’t notice it. Been going through some tough times lately but could be far worse. Thanks for the encouragement! Love a solid Manhatten btw.
Ian, leave the Makers for an old fashioned 😀

Pepsiaddicto says:

Thank god you didn’t use bourbon.

Dave G says:

An updated Manhattan for my playlist. Thanks

Vykk Draygo says:

True love is a construct of modern media. Love exists, and it is worthwhile, but there is no love that is more real than another (I despise the soul mate concept, because it all but ensures failure). The dirty truth is that love requires hard work, no matter how compatible you are with your mate. I’d rather be content with what I have, including love, rather than have all the material possessions I could want.

truetype80 says:

I always thought a Manhattan was made with cranberry juice?

Pepsiaddicto says:

Pretty sure American Pie is up to interpretation because Don McLean’s official stance is that the lyrics mean nothing and he just liked how the words sounded with the music.

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