The Old Kraken Cocktail

Imagine an old fashioned designed with a spiced rum and you’re on the right path to the Old Kraken. Made in the same fashion (pun intended), but made for those that love rum over whiskey.

The recipe holds up well, turns out utilizing a common ratio for a recipe does keep the balance and flavor right where it needs to be, even if this is slightly more sweet on the palette. In some ways, this still fits the trifecta of Caribbean style: rum, lime and sugar.

Double Old Fashioned Glasses:
Angostura Bitters:
Gin & Cucumber:

The Old Kraken Cocktail
2 oz. Kraken Spiced Rum, 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup, 4 Dashes Angostura Bitters, Lime Zest
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Mark Fernandes says:

My favourite first drink is a twist on the Moscow Mule. Irish Whiskey, muddled lime juice and ginger beer. If they have time to take that order; if they’re rushed, G&T with Lemon or a Woodchuck/Angry Orchard.

Arborpress says:

This is awesome, I’ve got to try this one next for sure!

staryjaszczur says:

gosh! dude you are annoying. I did not finish watching you.

Dan Dunning says:

I imagine I’m stood on a rock in the middle of a storm in the ocean whilst wearing a suit when I drink this cocktail. Like some kind of Mad Men meets Lovecraft imagery. I’ll see myself out.

Stephen Harris says:

One word “kraken!!” – I like dog, agree

Matthew Benson says:

Love the videos! Keepem coming.. 🙂

Dave G says:

Dog without a doubt. No one will get in my house unless Ric wants them in. Although my Pitt may have the look but she’s too nice.

James W says:

Dog, corgis is my wife’s breed.

antrazi taj says:

I like to start with a Mojito. It’s classic, it’s tasty, and even with the surprising number of people who don’t get it right, the result still doesn’t taste bad

Brad Thomas says:

mmmmmmmmmmmm  Kracken!!!

JD Gatlin Jr says:

More kraken drinks please!

Dave G says:

I haven’t tried Kraken straight yet but this might help. Thanks.

Dave G says:

Happy Birthday to me. Sorry couldn’t pass that up.

Arborpress says:

This guy’s been my inspiration for some time now, glad I found his channel. It was cause of him that I started getting into cocktails. Before that, it was only beer for me lol.

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