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Mixologist Andy Seymour visits Brian Miller at Goldbar for a walk-through of the bedazzling Bali Bali Cocktail only available on Tiki Mondays! Subscribe for more: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

UPDATE: Brian’s Tiki Mondays has moved to Mother’s Ruin, a bar in Nolita.

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Tiki is back! And along with this trend are the show-stopping cocktail recipes, chock full of fancy garnishes and impressive dry ice presentations. According to featured bartender Brian Miller, Tiki is a tradition going back to WWII when the soldiers returned from the South Pacific. The Bali Bali looks a throwback to the 1950s but tastes totally modern. Fruity flavors like lime, orange and pineapple juices plus the traditional Tiki cocktail syrup falernum and passion fruit-flavored lilikoi syrup hide strength of the FOUR spirits — yes, you read that correctly — that combine to pack a wallop. Two kinds of rum plus gin and cognac make this Tiki cocktail recipe ultra strong, but believe us, it’s ultra tasty!

What did you think of this strong, flashy, and fruity cocktail? Would you give this a shot if you were out at the bars? Will you try to make it yourself at your next get together? If you do, let us know what you thought in the comments below!

In Behind the Drink, we’ll make sure you are properly educated before you hit the town and even if you’re not really into the bar scene, our drinks expert host and professional bartenders will whip you up some recipes and tricks for kicking back with some fancy cocktails at home. Preferably while in a tux watching classic Bond movies and/or reruns of Mad Men.

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TheSweetalchemist says:

Where can I buy a blue skull punch bowl like that?

Lunatis says:

Seems like such a ridiculous drinking age, I’m going to assume you are in the US, cant you just drink at home? You can consume alcohol with parental supervision from the age of 5 here in the UK, you can go to a pub and drink with your parents from 16. The legal drinking age of 18 here only really refers to the PURCHASING of alcohol. I say mix up my friend! forget the morals of a country that lets you die in war, raise a child and vote all before you can have a beer…

Andy Seymour says:

That thing is crazy right. Beautiful technique and amazing drink. RThanks to Brian and to all of you for watching!!!

Lunatis says:

Oh god, 21!? I feel so sorry for you…

Brian Rapp says:

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Deserticeninja says:

it’s cool and it’s understandable

theheckwithit says:

why so?

Andy Seymour says:

no comment….but we were ready to have that stop too (although you may still see it again)

Jack Tarasar says:

He put 8-1/2 ounces of booze and mixer in a mixing glass, with ice. Then, shakes it, making even more liquid. Then, fills a tall glass (like a Collins glass) with crushed ice. Strains the drink from the mixing glass into the crushed ice glass.
ANY first year Bartender can not only see in the video, but just by all the ingredients, that MOST of the drink is STILL in the Mixing Glass!!!! WTF? What does he do with the rest of that drink? Toss it? Give the mixing glass to the Customer to refill their own glass? FAIL!

theheckwithit says:

sorry if I came off snappy, I’ve passionate about these kind of things.

Andy Seymour says:

well words, we were hoping you’d come around. Thanks for coming back to check us out and having fun with us!

Jack Junior says:

Meanwhile in why would you drink that…

theheckwithit says:

I don’t want this to turn into a discussion that goes beyond the theme of the video. Yes, in the US it is 21 to drink, why? Don’t ask me, I didn’t look that far into history. I know the UK age limit is 18 because I have talked to people from the UK. To each country their own. I’m 20 and only have 1 year to go so I can wait. I’d rather not take the risk of being caught with fake ID, be charged with under age drinking, or get a friend or someone else mixed up in a decision of mine. It happens :-/

Andy Seymour says:

Thanks Conor, tiki is cool, and Brian is a master!

Andy Seymour says:

Thank you Trevor! We love the show too!

Trevor Patton says:

this channel just gets better …must be under new management lol

Francis Ducharme says:

I actually took the time to make some crushed ice and this cocktail is a banger. Also, if you can’t find falernum, it’s super easy and quick to make your own, it’s just the zesting part that sucks. Google it.

Trevor Patton says:

gin and cognac? whoa – this guy’s a wizard

Andy Seymour says:

Thank you cliff! keep watching and tell your friends, we are big fans of sharing the link!!!

llcoolmartine says:

Love that dolphin at 0:43:)

Andy Seymour says:

You don’t need ten to make a great drink, but the balance of all the flavors here was fantastic!

Ronald Toledo says:

This is awesome. Where can I get those skulls, im thinking of doing something like that in my restaurant. Let me know please.

Andy Seymour says:

it’s pretty badass it’s true! the recipe is there at the end…

Dave Jubens says:

This is such a high quality production that it should be on TV!

Andy Seymour says:

Oh Hell yeah!! Nice call

Deserticeninja says:

probably like sex

Deserticeninja says:

Gee don’t bite my head off i was just joking me personally I don’t drink and i don’t think i will but it’s nice that you want to refine your palate

Yannis Patras says:

Excuse my language but he kept saying tiki, I kept hearing titty…

Dhime says:

Love the channel guys! So many great shows, so many great laughs, lots of great ideas! Keep up the good work 😀

Tiki Tiffany says:

looks good!! I love any tropical drinks!!

Rusted Chassis says:

I’m so glad that cringe-worthy ‘you try’ thing you do at the end isn’t here…

Andy Seymour says:

yeah, you have to make it yourself or go see Brian!!

Lunatis says:

“charged with under age drinking” WTF is that even a thing? You mean you can get arrested for that? Wow… Anyway, good luck i suppose….

theheckwithit says:

I’ll just be patient for my turn at the poison, and I’ve sipped beer before. Didn’t care for the taste. Looking foward to trying other alcholic beverages though. Hey to each their own taste and crazy country’s laws.

siraxification says:

I want that skull bowl!! :O

How To Drink says:

This series is great! Thanks for making this!

nubman says:

Yeah watch it till the end

sebbe321 says:

Is there a recipe or something? Or at least a list of the spirits used.

Andy Seymour says:

Yummy it is Mr Sparky!

Armand Memaj says:

Hi Andy compliment for all your videos with great bartenders.I have a question.For that Lilikoi syrup were can i find?

Cliff2790 says:

this is an awesome series

Andy Seymour says:

More coming thunder and thanks for the props!!

BLTgenocide says:

They probably decided it was way too cheesy.

Super Villain Vlogs says:

does anybody know where you can buy those glass skull bottles and, punch bowl at?

sebbe321 says:

Oh it is, how did i miss that. Thank you.

Andy Seymour says:

Huge thanks Timfha!!
Keep watching

Andy Seymour says:


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