Top 10 Cocktails for Men

Nothing hits the spot on a testosterone-fueled night with the guys like a good cocktail. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Cocktails that Men Enjoy. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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Taxtro says:

TIL that “Jack and Coke” is a cocktail and apparently better than most others…

Btw when I have a Strawberry Colada, it’s the Strawberry Colada that gets manly.

Ninotchka says:

i know her¨

ffairlane57 says:

Number one cocktail for REAL MEN: Jack Daniel’s straight from the bottle.

Steven Cortez says:

I once ordered a Manhattan because of this video claiming it as a man’s drink, but when it was served to me it looked like a woman’s drink. Even had a cherry on top and served on a thin glass. I was so embarrassed while drinking it that I downed it haha. So I just ordered a Godfather after.

Hank Moody says:

I drink Mai Tai’s motherfucker

MrKydaman says:

Bombay Saphire Gin and Mountain Dew
Its called a Bombay Gindew

NDK0 says:

Bloody Marry?.. Not a drink, but tomato soup gone wrong – most likely a drunkard adding spirits to the soup.

Connor Tefft says:

i like rum n coke bc it reminds me of this amazing girl from high school

Ufuk Ercan says:

i want to know something. I usually get drunk with less alcohol when i drink alone compared to drinking with friends or when in a party, why?

arundhati samantaray says:

Piscola sounds gross

Alexander Avila says:

Jim Beam honey burbon and Arnold Palmer is about the best damned drink in the summer it’s unbelievable

Chaos_ 82 says:

There is not a more manly drink out there than a Rusty Nail. Scotch+Drambuie. Bring lots of cash though. Best one I ever had cost me almost 40 bucks.

Whatit Do says:


Eric Cartman says:

This video should called “Fuck you Long island Ice Tea”

starphaser says:

Caipirinha is NOT a mojito alternative! It has nothing to do with it!

No Problem says:

Fire up the Black Tooth Grin

jusops4dacops wazy says:

Am I the only person who doesn’t like Bloodymarys… who wants to drink soup and get drunk? Nasty. I’ll drink my homemade cosmo in a Congac glass.

Tanner Lynn says:

Why isn’t Moscow Mule on here?

Frantheman says:

Pisco is Peruvian

Dog Krim says:

Caribou Lou? 151 rum, Malibu rum and pineapple juice?

Stephen Larbi says:

weed cocktail is the best!!!!

Gustavo Ruiz says:

The mariachi music on the pisco from Chile was so……………

samsamwillswills says:

I must not have tasted a good martini everyone I’ve had, I’ve hated ahah


Stupid list.. You didn’t even have the dark n’ stormy in there…

Fred R says:

Love Jack and Coke

Nikiho Zvířata says:

In my humble opinion, these are mostly girly or beach drinks. For men in a bar, I’d suggest old fashioned/sazerac, manhattan, martini/gibson, negroni/boulevardier…

JoeLock says:

I’m offended! #offended #iwasborninthe90s #losercity

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