Top 5 Jack Daniels Cocktails Best Jack Daniel’s Drinks

Top 5 Jack Daniels Cocktails Best Jack Daniel’s Drinks
Top 5 JD Drink JD Cocktail

Lynchburg Lemonade – Tennessee Tea – Jack Rodgers – Tiger jack – Apple Jack


Best Mens Cocktails


Cutie Pie says:

Wow wow wow refreshing

med medd says:

jack rogers is my favorite

Jennifer Webb says:

that Jack Rogers Coke looked flat as f***

Jacov Villegas says:

Very nice sir it so quickly in easy..godbless u

Sharon White says:

I love them drinks

عمر الوحش says:


fire ball says:

Just give me the bottle of Jack Daniels .

Daveycrocker44 says:

How many oz is that glass?

Michael MM says:

Jack Rogers….you could just use cheerwine, but whatever.

Skidz 777 says:

I need that jack Daniel!!!!

Demarcus Glover says:

Is the Tiger Jack the same as the Alabama Slamming?

Gavriel Akhadu says:

Fred, which of these five are the best?? or pic two favorites?

Mr. T says:

wow new ways for me to mix my Jack Daniels.
Thank you.

Micah Mcgaffin says:

Jack Daniels is garbage for white trash

PK Cazadores says:

You should do a video with Jack Daniels cocktails for men also!

Adrian Alexander says:

Nice video, why not use apple puckers instead of melon liqueur for the “apple jack”?

Sean Holtz says:

He has the personality of an Applebee’s

Dan Brokke says:

FYI if you didn’t know the county Lynchburg is in is a DRY county so.. no drinks served after the tour.. I found out the hard way..

Mana Mana says:

I am sorry this guy is a terrible bartender any drink that has citrus needs to be shaken not tumbled and the rest of the drinks are build drinks that should not be tumbled….I have been in the bar business for 25 years and this bar owner need more bartender training.

Zulkarnaen mohd zakaria says:

It refreshing especially during hot season.

jaki 15 says:


Tom bryan says:

Never drink Jack neat, even gentlemens is subpar. Tour was nice though.


Could you add some black salt in Lynchburg lemonade….

Khemraj Jadhav says:

I have completed my diploma course in hospitality as well as I have worked as a trainee for 10 months in a hotel called travel inn.
Know I would like to work in abroad please if anyone known that there are vacancies in food and beverage department please inform me to this mail..

wildernessman says:

Does this guy ever get Homer or Barney in his bar?

Trevor Newburn says:

Jack is like coffee should be drank black

Sharon Cummack says:


Christian Breslin says:

You have. My semen. Delicious.

G Aguayo says:

That jack Rogers looks delicious

Kevin Watson says:

Nothing goes well with Jack, except a toilet ! I am even a alcoholic, never order Jack, it is for stupid people with nothing to lose ! And seen a lot of these concotions made. all girls, a couple fags, most never even finish one ”
thank god ” ! Nasty bourbon as most are ! But, for you rookies, enjoy !

dutch971 says:

I just found out how restaurants stick it to patrons.

Monstrosity says:

These look bomb!

Oliver Medina says:

Shouldn’t you tumble before you put in the carbonated drink?

Regean Tawfip says:

Das ist Schön
Vielen Dank.

Kendrick Davis says:

Who drinks these after you make them?

Jay says:

the ice you use is horrible, use ice cubes, less shavings to water down your drinks.

Tamam Bohasson says:

Osum you are good barman great job

kadir josef says:

combining different things can damage your health .. jack is trying to sell the product by any means kkkk

Giovanni Spagnoletti says:

Lasciando stare le fantasia che a quanto pare non hai, le dosi, i principi di miscelazione, mi sa tanto che a quell’età non dovresti più stare dietro un banco.. Goditi la vecchiaia zio e lascia spazio ai giovani.


nice bro

jerome jose says:


teamprojects13 says:

From the top 5 what would you recommend to make for a woman. Something has a sweet taste.

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