VOD Wine Cocktail 15%abv Drink Review

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I review two flavors of VOD Wine Cocktail 250ml (8.4oz) 15% alcohol by volume (30 proof) aluminum cans which are bottled by Pri-Pak Inc Lawrenceburg, IN for NuZest Beverage L.L.C. I bought these drinks at my local WalGreens for $1.59ea can. They also sell these in 4 packs at my H-E-B grocery store. I rate both of these VOD Apple Twist & VOD Lemon Zest Wine Cocktail flavors an 8 out 10.


MexicanXConnection says:

Never heard or seen those bro. I don’t think they sell that in my area.

Inanity93 says:

Just started watching this guy. I love this guy already.

busa89 says:

aw that sucks man. right on. thanks for the update

Don Aguilon says:

showin some love man love the videos keep it up bro mexican pride

MexicanXConnection says:

He retired already bro, Sorry!

6Ko6da6 says:

@easynear12 No biggie man, I’ve been a long-time viewer/masturbator ever since the beginning of MxC’s YouTube career. No worries my brotha.

trips69 says:

This guy is the shit ja

titsbeerbong420 says:

I think the strongest thing I ever had was 70% and if it was that % then it was Hill’s absineth

artfrat says:

can u do a review on the molson cold shots?

itsdabull says:

How bout a wray n nephew review?


After 5%abv you start to taste the alcohol. The Twisted Teas are 5%abv & you really can’t taste the alcohol by volume they are really smooth. Once you start to go over 8%abv you can really start to taste the alcohol depending on which kind of drink it is. Most of those frozen pouches I reviewed on my main acct like: Black Iguana, Island Breeze, Smirnoff all have a great taste & you can’t taste the alcohol.

Kelly Cameron says:

dezavala heb!

FatHelloKittyxoxo says:

Lol unless she’s a alcoholic

Joey Mac says:

Why don’t you ask him to chug some Dom or fuckin 200 year old scotch salvaged from the wreckage of a civil war battleship? The man isn’t doing this for the flavor, he is trying to show what a chugging machine he is, and with that- cheap beer is good enough for me- even more impressive because I know what bum brews taste like, being a broke college dude, and they have the worst foam and it’s hard to power through like he does.

reallybigd says:

Damn, only $1.59 each for a can of 15% drank>? What a steal! You kill it as always sir, big thumbs up

marcia malanson says:

VOD Apple wine is very tasty, add a splash of 7-up or Mountain Dew. This is a refreshing drink!

RonDiaz23 says:

I was never a fan of the pre-mixed drinks. Cheers though!

TristansAdventures says:

I have a question sir, What would you consider the highest alc% drink without the shitty taste of alc% Something smooth. Would you ever chugg a bottle of vodka?

Kristopher k-hard says:

a Six pack of SOL cerveza 32 0z. that would be cold blooded ….

Coco Cocktail #REFRESH says:

hit me up would like to get you some coco cocktail

CrazyBluntsMaddLs says:

nice review raza!
ill have to find me some in my area
15% is crazy!

MexicanXConnection says:

What type of wine do you mean exactly?

theoldsmoothy says:

Another Awesome Review my friend! I’d like to find those up in my neck of the woods. 15% for under $2!!! Terrific! Cheers to the Ace chugger/reviewer on YouTube!!!!

buddy holmes says:

i agree how you can tell the diffrents in abv

JD32199NS says:

Awesome vid bro.thanks for checking out my friends channel and for the shout out!! piece

sverebebe says:

Good job my man. Looking forward to more videos!

MexicanXConnection says:

Sooner or later they will come bro. I have alot of new drinks & snack reviews coming up first.

Gerald Robichaud says:

How big is this company? I can’t find any information about VOD. Both flavors are delicious. I believe it was purchased at an HEB.

Kelly Cameron says:

I like these drinks! Just bought both flavors yesterday!

Vayaconmiedo Replays says:

It seems to be a new brand. If you check out their website, they only have those 2 flavors, and the distributors are all located in Texas. Good review again man!

paul valle says:

THE HAND!!! Lol I wanna try one of them.

rory vielle says:

have u ever heard of evil eye??? malt liquor???

Shannon says:

I used to buy this at HEB, but they stopped selling it because of the alcohol content.  I can’t find them anywhere now!  If anyone knows who sells it, please help me!!!! LOVE this little drink!!!!


These drinks pack a strong punch upon first sip. I appreciate any woman who can drink it up with me. Most men can’t handle 12%abv from Four Loko and/or Joose. Their tummies start to hurt. #LOL

Chris Motz says:

That looks like it would pack a powerful punch to it, but I am not a fan of sweet drinks like that though. I prefer beer and whiskey.

slapto says:

Women have to be alcoholics to enjoy a strong drink? lol

William Johnson says:

Wild Irish Rose

Dillon Miller says:

Chug some Boon’s Farm lol

MexicanXConnection says:

Yeah something like that lol.

Woodro Morales says:

You sound out of breath bro…Hope all is well

juicewardo says:

Good vid

joe john says:

Wine in a can? That couldn’t have ended very well. 

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