Whisky Old Fashioned Cocktail | Rich Hunt

Move over Don Draper, Rich Hunt is here with his recipe for the Whisky Old Fashioned cocktail. Sometimes made with rye or bourbon, we’re using Dewar’s 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky. Making the Old Fashioned is all about the ritual – starting with the caster sugar and bitters, then adding whisky and ice bit by bit as you stir to chill the drink right down. Created in partnership with Bacardi.

Give the Whisky Old Fashioned a try and make sure you come back to let us know what you think of it!

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Have fun and please drink responsibly.


chase klan says:

can i substitute the bitter thing? 😀

Peihan Tang says:

I like use Hibiki 17yo and maple syrup

nay la win says:

I really need to know the answer can anyone please help ?

Sean O' Donohue says:

Supposed to be bourbon for an old fashioned, also supposed to run the edges of the glass with the orange peel then burn it with a lighter to enhance the orange flavour

Cal H says:

to all the people bitching about the use of scotch in a cocktail, look up the Rob Roy and the history of that drink!

outplayer1 says:

Scottish in an Old Fashioned? Are you kidding me?

Anomaly says:

How does this taste in the summer time? I love scotch, but not sure I would drink it straight when it’s hot outside.

Zayjug says:

I gave it a try today and I loved it! Very good and tasteful recipe for a cocktail.

jackass123491 says:

I love bourbon. Trying this next time I buy it. Also can the dilution thing be done with any drink? My drinks always get watered down.

reajrmusic says:

I’ve seen some bartenders muddle a slice of orange and a cherry with the sugar, is that not needed?

Tom says:

I love drinking these, but can’t stand it when people order them at the bar. How dare you?

aferguson850 says:

you should put orange peel in whilst you’re stirring – gives far better taste

Colin A says:

Until I watched this video, I was under the impression that an Old Fashioned was way more complicated than this. I developed a taste for them after having them a few times at a local cocktail bar. I’ve only ever had them with bourbon and Irish whiskey, but I’ve got a bottle of rye at home that’s just begging for some bitters and sugar. I’m definitely gonna make a couple for myself this weekend.

I think the cocktail bar I mentioned slightly chars the orange peel with a torch before adding it in.

Mark Harvey says:

you should strain that into a rocks glass with 1 large ice cube

Sayan Sengupta says:

I’m so sorry, I read Rich Hunt as Rich Cunt. Lol. I was like,”who is this guy!”.

amorbavian says:

Is the special stirring spoon really that important for these kind of cocktails? I mean, you can swirl the ice and dilute it a little bit even with a normal spoon?

gizzycat cat says:

I wasn’t exactly sure how to make on of these. this tutorial really helped!

Conscious Mixology says:

It’s a bit pointless because once you reach certain temperature then you will get the same amount of dilution no matter what method you use. But I agree with Rich it’s a bit of ritual.

VR Brit says:

Scott Strong is correct.

Sugar does not disolve in alcohol.

Sugar molecules are polar. They have a slight positive end and a slightly negative end. Water molecules have the same property. For this reason, the positive end of a sucrose molecule will be attracted to the negative end of a water molecule and dissolve.

Alcohols are non-polar and are equally charged on all sides. The charged ends of the sugar have nothing to be attracted to except other sugar molecules, therefore they will not dissolve.

Doug Mellon says:

Im going to buy some bitters and give this a go 🙂 Relatively new to whisky drinking, and like the idea of the combinations here

Adam Roth says:

What would you say to using bourbon whiskey?

Vytautas Mii says:

Hey Drinks tube, I have great variation of Old Fashioned, could you create it on your channel? :))
Recipe: build up cocktail in rocks glass
1 full bar spoon of cherry jam
4 dashes of orange and angostura bitters
20ml of bourbon
Stir and mix everything together muddle the jam
Put ice stir
Then pour 20ml of bourbon add ice stir
And same again 20ml bourbon ice stir
Then garnish with flamed orange peel
And this is Jammed Old Fashioned

Bacchus Lounge says:

Check out how we make our Old Fashioned!

Chris Patton says:

Perfect if you switch out the scotch for rye whiskey

Lead Farmer says:

Would you reccomend something peaty, like an islay for this or something like a nice highland or speyside without the peatyness?

MrMaltasar says:

I do an Old Fashioned with a slice of orange, simple sugar syrup and orange cream citrate bitter as the base, with bourbon and ice + stirring, garnished with orange peel as well!
I’d like to try it out with the angostura instead, compare and contrast!

Matt Jardine says:

I’m not sure how adding the ice and whisky in small portions is going to slow chilling/dilution. Care to explain a bit further?

JOHNNYwxw says:

so elegant! Great job !

Jasongvl - says:

Bought aromatic bitters especially to try this tonight! 🙂


sorry but i dont put ice in my scotch,

nay la win says:

instead of angostura bitter can I use Jagermeister ?

D5quared91 says:

I like to enjoy these while paragliding.

nelida kiss says:

thank u nice video

PanamaSabroso says:

Its beautiful!!!!

Joe Last says:

Love these

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