Why Aren’t All Cocktails Served in the Same Glass?

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On this week’s idea channel, we visited Ivy Mix at Leyenda to have a cocktail and discuss a brief history of glassware in drinking culture. As it turns out, bar glassware has an interesting story. Cheers!

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Written and hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta)
(who also has a podcast! Reasonably Sound: http://bit.ly/1sCn0BF)

Made by Kornhaber Brown (http://www.kornhaberbrown.com)


Ur Nan says:

15 minute video ResidentSleeper

Christopher Pagan says:

if I had a dollar for every time she said utilitarian

pea bee says:

Ugh I hate that! If you’re going to try and change how people view “feminine” glasses you can’t do that by keeping the customers comfortable within their own prejudices

John Cooper-Browne says:

bla bla bla….. im drunk… no one gives a shit

HerrmannOtto says:

A Martini is made with Gin and not Vodka. If it is made with Vodka it´s a Vodkatini.

Mark-It-8-Dude says:

Men shouldn’t drink out of stem glasses.

Ur Nan says:

She got a nice rack

HaSTe_CM says:

leyenda in spanish means legend, in case you wanted to know

MGZA says:

11$ for a glass of kalimotxo!!!

Didntwanttomakeauser says:

I like boobs. Why would I not want a drink the shape and colour of a boob?

derek lee says:

Never thought I’d see anything PBS branded show an Archer clip

B R says:

Because variety is the spice of life?

TheWestcoastDAVEY says:

if you get uptight about the color or the glass your drink comes in, i dont want to drink with you.

Bryson Smith says:

Anyone else think she looks like Dodger?

ESSBrew says:

They make 4 oz martini glass, you dont need nick and nora

mugensamurai says:

A bartender named Ivy Mix. Yeah it’s her destiny.

Havoc1001 says:

In my opinion i could care less about the glass. I just don’t want to pay 12 bucks for a few sips… I’ll buy a whole bottle and stay home. no idiots to worry about.

Andrew Lee says:

I wonder if she thought about anything else as an occupation with a name like her’s

ander azkuna says:

Nice vid, didnt expect a video about glass to be this entertaining.
But i have a notation.
The Kalimotxo, as seen on 08:28, is a drink originated in my land, the basque country, an autonomous community on north eastern spain.
The drink is just a mix of red wine and cola. And its a poor mans drink, as a couple liters, with a 50/50 proportion between cheap wine and coke, cost a couple euros. I appreciate people reimagining drinks, but you cant call that mix Kalimotxo.

elon 1 says:

is her last name really *”M I X”* ?

Fantomas Georgivech says:

Лысеющий пидор.

guy shur says:

He sounds like he’s playing fallout 4 and mashing space while she’s talking


she is so nice and chill!

Diego Rodriguez says:

yoooo what bar in guatemala did you work at!?!?!!??!!

Cafe No Sé?!

Leandro Escobar says:

If it get me drunk I’m good!

ewt415 says:

You can always tell how insecure a man is by how much they care about 1) the shape of their glass and 2) the color of their drink

LadyHangaku says:

Is this Hans Gretel at 3:50? 😀

Midairmadness says:

Why are they the only two in the bar???

Leia Zhang says:

oh would you look at that its the sweet crash course awkward host

Alexander J. Wei says:

Two popular culture notes that I imagine you have already been told. 1) Nick and Nora are the heroes of The Thin Man, by Dashiell Hammett, and it made such a popular movie that many more Thin Man movies were made. A lot of cocktails were drunk. 2) The series is named “Sex and the City” but nearly everybody misremembers it as “Sex in the City” as you did, twice (or at least your subtitler made that mistake.)

Jacky O says:

Watching this even though I’ll never be able to drink.

gemma4871 says:

She looks like Jane Birkin

VoidplayLP says:

with that kind of name it was destiny for her to mix cocktails

Uryendel says:

The narrow champagne coupe are for avoiding the gas to go out, the wide one make more bubble in the glass so it’s for visual

Holly Taylor says:

I’ll just go back to drinking wine out of a mug

Lachlan Higgs says:

What a charming young woman.

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