World’s most expensive cocktail

Maestro bartender Salvatore Calabrese creates the world’s most expensive cocktail — Salvatore’s Legacy — at his bar at The Playboy Club in Mayfair from 40ml of 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, 20ml of 1770 Kummel Liqueur, 20ml of 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao and two dashes of Angostura Bitters from the 1900s.


Leonel Remille says:

So it tastes like Coors Light or what?

Gaurav Rao says:

The guy sounds like a genuine dick

BrandonChase 777 says:

At the very end you can see the drinks true color. Exquisite♡

Tuber Youb says:

I’m waiting for bottle to fall

Zaheer Shaikh says:

I was believing it till he showed his mixing glass. impossible it lasted that long


90% chance that bottle was filled with cheap wine

Verry anggriawan says:

Bull shit

Thijs de Boer says:

Nibba be shaking and everything

Dawen Ren says:

Pls drink it …

Luke Byrd says:

I’m watching this while slamming $4.99 vodka from the corner store. I’m pretty sure I got the same effect as these guys.

Kinda interesting vid though

Steven Narayan says:

Put your fkn cameras away -_-

Juicebox T.V says:


Tony Goon says:

8000 bucks no thanks

Bald Zeus says:

So.. who got to drink it?

shopping222 says:

what a bunch of ….fill in the blank lol

Fake Fake9 says:

الحمدلله الذي عافنا الله منها الحمد لله

Logan Perkins says:

1788?!?!?! holy fuck thats old

brennan varela says:

After it was made n the price rolled out every one said fuck that bring the johnny walker out

Everything you wanted to know says:

And what the hell I am doing here..I don’t even drink

Everything you wanted to know says:

Why the hell is he wearing white tie over white shirt

mondeo kapic says:

keep salvadore for yourself. give me budweiser

jorge guerreiro says:


Achintya Gupta says:

Thousands of kids r dying of hunger and dirty water but these people want to drink shit expensive liquor

Бармен Саша says:

хуй сосите чурки

Bati Angelo says:

test good

Sanahal Maitram says:

Even the worst bartender can make it, it’s not talent it’s sheer price of those liquor

Nguyen Tien says:

just another 2$ cocktail

BrandonChase 777 says:

This blows my mind. Exceptional. Simply put☆

Curtis McGee says:

I keep seeing mention of socialist comments. I looked pretty far down and I didn’t see any. All I found was people saying it was a stupid event, and people saying they are socialists for thinking that…

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