Xoriguer Special Menorcan / Menorca Gin And Tonic | With Professional Cocktail Waiter Wambo Sanchez

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Real Ale Guide is joined by Professional Cocktail Waiter Wambo Sanchez for a look at Xoriguer Special Menorcan / Menorca Gin and Tonic in Hotel Victoria Playa


Real Ale Craft Beer says:

Yes but back home now in Wales, looking forward to some tasty brews, cheers

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

Sounds like a plan 🙂

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

Wambo was excellent for the 2 weeks we were there, he tried to get some Menorca Craft Beer for me to try but it wasnt available. Back to the beer reviews now 🙂 Cheers Chad

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

Hey Joe, hows it going 🙂 Been a while, cheers

Kevin Mayo says:

I see a new channel realginguide!

Giovanni Caffarella says:

Excellent, mate! Thanks for this!

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

Now that sounds like a plan 🙂

JackieChilds1 says:

come to the states and do a brew tour … that would be awesome

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

This drink was amazing so refreshing in the hot sun. Thanks for the added info on it. Cheers from Wales 🙂

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

No problem, enjoyed making the video, cheers

JoeHell67 says:

cool video!
I love Gin Tonic, one of my faves…..

Joe from Germany

HopZine says:

Real Gin Guide!

Naiara Zabal says:

My mum is from Mahon. Gin is popular in Menorca ’cause british where in Meniorca for almost two centuries. Sailors start producing. The unusual thing of Gin Xoriguer is that is done from grapes instead of cereals like most of the others gins.
Pomada is nuce. Easy and fresh to drink, but the day after could be terrific!ç

dingdongdirtbag says:

Does he use a bitter lemon soda (i.e. Fever Tree) or a tonic for the mixer?

Red Fox says:

gin and tonics are great, the vast majority of the time i am drinking beer but occasionally ill get a bombay sapphire and tonic

gothicel says:

are you on holidays?

garci114 says:

Y los de MALLORCA tenemos que aprender ingles,eso es hacer patria,pues se me han quitado las ganas de volver a venir y cargar el maletero del coche con vuestros productos,aunque lo he hecho siempre,mi madre era MENORQUINA y siempre he ido, la isla me encanta,UN BESO MUY GRANDE A TODA MENORCA.

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

I am now partial to a gin thanks to Wambo, a lovely gentleman’s drink, cheers

Eva Perello Bover says:

Yes yes you can also mix it with any tonic, the mixer is also amazing!!!
I you want to know more about us you can also our web site xoriguer.es
We also have facebook and Linkedin
Thank you!!!

Real Ale Craft Beer says:

Yes it would be awesome, I would love to visit Dogfish Head and others, cheers

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