12 Of The Best London Dry Gins Reviewed

Here I nose & taste 12 premium “London Dry” gins for you to see how they differ. Then I add Fever Tree tonic (my preferred bottled tonic) to them to see how well they mix. I pour “Citadelle”, “Tanqueray 10”, “Beefeater 24”, “New Amsterdam”, “Green Hat”, “Mayfair”, “Nolet’s Silver”, “Broker’s”, “No. 3”, “Oxley” & “Bloom” gins.
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As of 4-15-13, my current bottle count stands at 1002 total bottles. I have 633 different ones in the bar & another 369 in back stock. I’ve now been actively collecting for the last 19 years and what started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my hobby.


theycallmejpj says:

there’s another good one called Gordon’s

Gin Tinto says:

A Portuguese company in the city of Valenca has produced the world’s first red gin.

Caoimhin O'Duinnin says:

Brilliant Video. It’s my first exposure to your channel and will be subscribing.

A gin that’s hitting the market by storm right now is No 209 out of San Francisco.

Sonny Williamson says:

I actually love this video. No fancy presentation, editing or soundtrack, just simple content, straight to the point. The main attraction here is the guy’s palate, if which I have full confidence. I also have a new appreciation of the Beefeater 24. Thank you for the insight!


no hendricks or gilbeys?

herrskymarshall says:

Has liquorhound ever reviewed Old Raj, Springbanks gin?

The Czar says:

Bombay far exceeds these gins. Lovely peppery taste with a smooth finish packed full of extra notes all of which are noticeable. Tanqueray on the other hand is overpriced garbage that appeal’s to the 20 something frat boy who wants to get “wasted man” literally all I can taste is just the strength of it. It smells how it tastes, I wouldn’t even wash my bathtub with it wouldn’t be fair on the plughole. I would also like to add on I happen to quite enjoy Beefeater and don’t really understand the slander it gets.Yes it is a somewhat simplistic gin but it is priced fairly, according to that. Perfectly acceptable Gin, once mixed of course.

SongsFromTheHowlingSea says:

Wish I was there too. Great video. I actually wrote a song about Gin and it’s dark London past.  http://youtu.be/BqgSjTqHbgw

przefermentujto says:

I have very similar feeling when it comes to Bombay. It’s not perfect for tonic but IMO saltiness comes very well with coconut water. Have you ever tried that combination?

Douglas Pettit says:

New Amsterdam is total garbage.

Burned_Kerosene says:

Love your reviews!
I hardly recommend you to try the Monkey 47 from the Schwarzwald, Germany.
Greetings from the Swiss Alps 🙂

Kittilsen Konsult says:

im high and straight, but you look so cute when you smell the glasses. very nice review man.

Springbanker says:

Tanqueray ten hands down favourite gin!

k9feces says:

Crystal Palace is the best

Barjack521 says:

Do you have an opinion on BlueCoat?

h07swilkinson96 says:

If you don’t have a very complex pallet does it really matter what gin you get?

Bruce H says:

I’m surprised Plymouth didn’t make the cut.

multiverser says:

LiqourHound, I really like your videos. After watching this video, I think I’m going to try Beefeater 24, Mayfair, and London No. 3, and maybe the Oxley. I like a martini on the rocks with olives, not citrus. Do you have a particular recommendation for an olives guy??

My daily (when I’m not drinking vodka, bourbon, or scotch) is what I call the Old Lady — Bombay original with Queen Victoria on the label. I like the strong juniper and classic London Dry from this cheaper version of Bombay. However, I want to try some of the gins you reviewed because I think you have excellent judgement.

Another question, I haven’t tried the new-ish Bombay East, which has lemongrass in it. Could you review that one sometime? I imagine it is for tonic mixing, but not sure. I would try a bottle but it seems too exotic when I like the more traditional London Dry. 

patrick castillo says:

Great vid man! Where you located in Texas? 

SeeSaw444 says:

Hey thank you for your review. I’ve been looking for a good Gin review video. I usually drink Bombay but you definitely open my mind to several other Gin options out there. I just tried the No. 3 and it was spot on to what you reviewed. I like that it doesn’t have a ruff finish like some of the other gins. 

Chad Olmstead says:

sounded a little sexist at the end but I liked the video. First time watching

Aura Hyel says:

Enjoyed this. He should have substituted Bulldog for the Bombay Sapphire. The Beefeater 24 is perfect for a Vesper [75-ml + 15-ml Dolin dry vermouth]. Stir gently. Lemon twist.

President Oxford says:

This one hints of citrus, juniper & cardamom. Next one juniper, cardamom, citrus…… What is Sichuan pepper?

BiteThis says:

I looove new amsterdam for a cheap, go-to gin. If i want a a connoisseur gin i stick to an oxley or G’vine (wasnt shown, really floral).

Daniel Zeff says:

have you tried Hendrick? thoughts?

jayphocles says:

I’ve been drinking Mayfair gin and Fever Tree tonic with a splash (and I mean a SPLASH) of St-Germain.  The Mayfair gin with tonic is pretty well balanced with nice, botanical notes.  The addition of St-Germain provides a really interesting floral aspect with a hint of sweetness, which, I think, complements the bitter notes of the tonic.  I’m looking forward to trying the Nolet’s Silver in the near future!  Thanks for the informative video!

Patrick Mcdevitt says:

I normally drink straight whisky but a friend recommended Seagram’s lime twisted I didn’t mind it so I was wondering how it compares to other gins?

J.R.R. Lewis says:

The best gin out there in my opinion is a fairly new one, Martin Miller’s. It’s the only gin I’ve had that I think is good neat or on the rocks with no mixers. It’s extremely smooth but still quite flavorful.

Jacob Holmes says:

Black people live new Amsterdam haha

Ricardiohead says:

How are you not nose blind by the third gin?

LiquorHound says:

My honest opinion on New Amsterdam gin is that it is good for the price. While it is not a “traditional” gin (where the juniper would be the dominating flavor), it is fairly smooth, semi-sweet with a bright citrus note. It does lack complexity but it would probably work fine as a budget Gin & Tonic.

bugggit says:

If you have access to it try sepsmiths and silent pool gin

hardedgecustom says:

It’s bottom shelf for sure, but throw a bit of love toward Gordon’s.

bclmax says:

no gordons????

Badseed says:

Great content – Do you drink Martini’s – What is your choice for a traditional with olive or lemon?  I’m trying to concur the best Martini –  have you found the best ratio 2.5 gin, .5 vermouth?  And can you share your thoughts on vermouth brands to get.  Thanks and keep all the excellent reviews coming.

Harvey Levene says:

Mayfair seemed to be the clear winner. In second place Bloom.
Would love your opinion as the what is the very best gin in the world?

Isaak Shingray-Jedig says:

juniper notes in bombay are not mild at all its by far the most poignant aroma in the blend

JQ France says:

Have you tried the Hendrick’s gin from Scotland, I’m a gin drinker and while Scotland may be famous for Whiskey is kept very quiet about this WOW Gin… G&T drinkers this is a MUST try…

mrtodd3620 says:

It would have been interesting if you had done a blind taste test of these in order to reduce being influenced by the bottle or brand.

Shaun Farrier says:

I just purchased a bottle of the Mayfair gin based on this video, and I’m quite impressed. It’s one great London Dry. In fact it might become my second favorite gin behind Ransom’s Old Tom, which is ridiculously good.
Keep up the good work……..

INmigrant3 says:


AuntyM66 says:

I  wish i was there to have taste.

Well Mixed says:

I most definitely loved the 24 & oxley Gin
Very nice and enjoyable

ConcreteComa says:

New Amsterdam gin gets the distinction of being the only bottle of liquor I’ve ever poured down the toilet

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