8 Of The Best Craft Gins Reviewed / Negroni Cocktail

We finally made it to my first gin review video. To make up for lost time, I nose and taste 8 wonderful craft gins for you. I pour “The Botanist”, “Junipero”, “St. George – Botanivore”, “St. George – Dry Rye”, “Leopold’s”, “Bluecoat”, “Ransom Old Tom” and “Bols Barrel Aged Genever”. For the grand finale, I stir up my take on the classic Negroni cocktail. Stay tuned by subscribing since I’m following this video up with another 8 gin review (with big name bottlings) in the near future and don’t want you to miss it.

As of 2-03-13, my current bottle count stands at 948 total bottles. I have 591 different ones in the bar & another 357 in back stock. I’ve now been actively collecting for the last 19 years and what started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my hobby.


Jacob Strickland says:

Berkshire Mountain Distillers “Ethereal” Gin, Brooklyn Distilling Company “Brooklyn” Small Batch Gin, Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin, Hans Reisetbauer “Blue Gin” , Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin, I would love to see a review or at least get your opinion in a comment on all, some, or even just one! thanks for the good video.

peter white says:

Have you tried the Ungava from Canada?

Salty Dog says:

Great video. Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise with us.

falcon048 says:

Awesome, I hadn’t considered looking into the different gins. In many ways I am like you, I like aged spirits so that Ransom Gin is looking pretty good. Quick question about Vermouth. Since it’s technically wine; does it go bad once it has been opened or is it like most spirits where it can last years?

Philip Whitinger says:

Have you tried st Augustine Distillery Gin?

Better Cocktails at Home says:

Well done. All of those are excellent choices for gins. Though I’m not sure you could sub Old Tom gin for bourbon in most bourbon cocktails. Could be some strange flavor profiles.

Arnion900 says:

Freakin love gin. I want to try all of these.

patrick castillo says:

How’d you get a bottle of Leopolds in Texas? I haven’t seen this anywhere.

beerndumplings says:

botanist is amazing! 

rickardoberg says:

Was having a St George’s Terroir n Tonic while watching 🙂 yeah, it’s tricky, but works in small quantities.

Great review of the gins, love the detailed commentary. Will definitely try to find the Botanist and Ransom, they seemed the most interesting! Thanks!

Jjay w says:

Great video!! very informative.  I love my Ransom!!!


Your vids are rad, I enjoy them, you are a good person.

FayceTwitch says:

get your hands on some Bulldog gin… it’s amazing. also, Hendrick’s is awesome

gerdasa says:

really enjoy your videos.
cheers from germany.

Jade Fox says:

If your ever in Minnesota, you should check out our new gins (recent law change that allows distilleries). Solveig Gin, Norseman Gin and the three Vikre Gins (Juniper, Cedar and Spruce) are great.

Majoofi says:

Thanks for doing thtis. i’ve been waiting for it.

Ethan Sacco says:

Been waiting for a vid! Thanks ;D

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