Beefeater Gin Review!



Shrek says:

Foghorns, ginger beer and gin is my favorite.

Jav says:

Quick question, I’m about 130 pounds, 17, low tolerance, how much of this to get me drunk?

Chris M says:

I love gin. Mix it with Sprite or 7 Up with ice is best IMO.

chuckdaddyfanfics says:

I’ve been needing some gin in my life. I think you guys just convinced me to get a bottle of this.

UnorthodoxRomance says:

Beefeater’s the best gin for the price, and arguably the textbook London dry. If you were to look up “gin” in a dictionary, Beefeater would appear right next to it. It’s wonderful in a gin and tonic, and I’ve even sipped a bit straight and it’s quite good. I’m sure it’d be excellent in a Negroni or martini too.

Tj Maierhofer says:

Idk if you guys have seen this yet but this is 4 new beers coming too Samuel Adams. I’m assuming they are gonna be in the fall variety pack. Thought you guys would like to check them out

Siren Crisis says:

Can you guys review blue moon’s honey wheat?

Porkchop says:

I’m a big gin guy This stuff is pretty decent but my favorite decent priced gin I drink a the time is new Amsterdam

TheRastamon JayBlaine says:

Waited to see a review on this I’ll have to try it now! Great video as always!

Be Different Fee says:

I love your videos!

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