Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin vs Bombay Sapphire East Gin Liquor Review

Eric’s Rating: London Dry Gin – 8.5, East – 9.0
Daniel’s Rating: London Dry Gin – 6.5, East – 7.0

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haazi117 says:


carlynlovescats says:

Bombay is liiffee

kazo xXx says:

i drink it everyday  and mix it with black cherry kool aid  i love that stuff 

yuyo57 says:

I get London’s dry gin, I just drink it, feel good from it. That’s about it, not picky.

Bacon Nivison says:

What software are you using to introduce the background to your video?
Good work, by the way. Very well done and I agree with your results.

kazo xXx says:

i dont like the east at all 

TheVinc123 says:

The regular Bombay is 40% not 47%

Guns Cars and Digits says:

Gin reviewers never leave, they just fade away.

Good review. Maybe I’ll be able to find a bottle one of these days. I tried to ship it once, but the shipping was as expensive as the gin itself.

Fleat Easley says:

Never tr the East version of it, but I’ll make sure to look out for it from now on. Regarding the original iteration of Sapphire though, I find the flavor to be too muted for cocktails like G & Ts and such as it doesn’t have much difference from vodka in the drink. It shines in gin-based drinks, like martinis and Aviations where it’s pretty much “gin with a splash of liquor X”. Everything else I think would do with a more assertive gin in it.

Thanks for the review, and hope to see more like it!

Fredo Skates says:

how much is the 1.75 l bottle

Wabaanimkii says:

If you guys sit further away from your greenscreen you wont get that pixally outline.

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