Bombay Sapphire Review!



outlaws9295 says:

I just tried gin for the first time tonight. Although it’s Beefeater instead of Bombay Sapphire, I’m really liking it. It smells like rubbing alcohol, but it has a nice pine-y/borderline citrus-y taste to it.

I’ve been thinking about buying some Bombay Sapphire for quite some time now, and after seeing this review, it might be my next gin purchase. Cheers, and keep up the good reviews!

Mike F says:

How did you not mix this with dry vermouth?

East Coast LQ Reviews says:

You guys should do a comparison of the sapphire and the original recipe. I believe the difference with sapphire is its vapor infused.

David San says:

Bombay and Sprite got me through last summer

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

Ah, drinks made of Liquor! My favorite way to consume alcohol, and a good Gin and Tonic are on the top of the list. I resent the fact that fruity drinks are considered feminine… why can’t a man enjoy something that tastes so great? Fruit flavors go so well with Gin, but you need to keep the sugar content as low as possible to keep the flavor crisp. I like to mix Bombay Sapphire with a tangerine-based Tanqueray as well as a dash of Blue-Curacao (but not too much, because it is very sweet. Just a little dab to change the color and add a small amount of tangy orange sweetness). Once that is all shaken up I pour in the Tonic water and add a bit of fresh lemon juice. That is a nice drink. It’s my take on an Aqua Velva Cocktail, replacing the shot of vodka with another type of Gin. 🙂

Ashley Mossowitz says:

Great review! I love all the Bombay variants. Straight or with tonic water for me.

Party Kerry says:

I got one of these today, in a 375ml bottle because for some reason in that size it is the same price as Smirnoff Vodka but in the larger sizes it is an extra $7 more.

Jay Ritz says:

try 2 gingers scotch whiskey, its pretty good stuff at 20 dollars a fith… i liked it better then jameson. i find most Gin tastes like i’m drinking a bottle of pine sol.

Worawat Kimpara says:

Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel

Justin Williams says:

What’s your favorite dark or light liquor? (As a mixer)

Benjamin Zepeda says:

It smells like Germ X

Lord Maul says:

Four Loko Black seems to be a new thing. Maybe give that a review

The Pearson Experience says:

I agree a strait shot and then a mix is a must, I have a lot of gin but have yet to try any. i guess i should start and break some open. Great Review Thanks!!!

Jim Harbin says:

Great review guys. Gin is not a typical stand alone sipper. However it does mix with quite a few liquids. Gin n Juice! 1 2 3 4 5 everybody in the car cmon let’s ride to the LIQUOR STORE!

Pandataco says:

Ever gave Luksusowa a try? It’s a smooth vodka it’s 21 bucks a handle where I’m at

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