Common Man Gin Tasting, The Results

We blind tasted 27 gin brands and here are the top 4 products we found within our tasting: 1. Ethereal Gin, 2. New Amsterdam Gin, 3. Hendrick’s Gin, 4 and St. George Rye Gin.

Here is the rank breakdown in order from 1 to last:

Ethereal Gin
New Amsterdam Gin
Hendrick’s Gin tied with St. George Dry Rye
Martin Miller
Knockabout Gin
Blue Coat Gin tied with Old Raj tied with Greylock Gin
G’vine Nouason tied with No. 209
Cold River Gin
Wire Works Gin
Greenhook Ginsmiths tied with Blade Gin
Square One Botanical (Liqueur — not a gin) tied with Tanqueray tied with Beefeater
Biercee Gin
Oxley Gin tied with Bulldog Gin
Bombay Gin tied with Roundhouse Gin
Gin Mare
Standing Guard Gin tied with Plymouth Gin
G’Vine Floraison

You can find additional details here:


Matthew Wears says:

did a search for Ethereal on NYdrinkup it may have been avail there at one time but not currently.

hardedgecustom says:

If you’re talking common man’s gin, you must give Gordon’s a nod.

Kenneth Rathburn says:

Same here. Whenever I’m at the liquor store with my friends they always flock to Bacardi, Captain Morgan or, if tight on a budget, bottom-shelf bottles that obviously won’t be any good. Meanwhile I like to research, weight my options and actually sip and enjoy the spirit.

DW Rajecki says:

New Amsterdam is a good gin and a quarter of the price of the others. Y’all left out James Bond’s gin though (Gordons). Also which bombay did y’all use? Because I am not a fan (though i’ll drink it) of the red top but sapphire is very drinkable.

CW RH says:

Dude on the left has a radio voice for sure

Reece Fitzgerald says:

I have a bottle of New Amsterdam that I got for my birthday this past year, and when I first opened it and tried it my initial reaction was “this stuff is terrible.” However the other day I was straighten up my liquor shelf and stumbled across it, and decided to give it another chance. And to my surprise I found that I quite liked it, not sure what happened. I was wondering have you ever had the same happen to you? 

BiteThis says:

new amsterdam is the best gin for the price i love it for heavy mixes. If i want the gin to really stand out like in a martini, I stick to G’vine and Oxley (tried it after you recommend). Amsterdam sticks to my main though since it it really cost efficient.

Benny Robin says:

New Amsterdam’s parent company is E&J Gallo Winery.

Brice Lewis says:

Hey I’m not sure if you will be able to find this product in your area because this distiller is fairly new but Donner-Peltier Destillers from Thibodaux, La makes a really good gin that recently got awarded a silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The base spirit is made from Louisiana long grain rice it has 11 different botanicals in it some of which are unique to their product. It’s called Oryza gin and I highly suggest seek this product out. They also make a vodka and 3 different types of rum. They also came out with their own whiskey which is the first Whiskey that has been produced in Louisiana since before prohibition.

Krystal.effects says:

Personally I do like Tanqueray better than New Amsterdamn which I have tried BUT that may be because I am used to the taste of Tanqueray… What is the difference between Tanqueray & these listed here?

JMAN21192 says:

in your opinion what is the best gin for cocktails or straight drinking

geemailMossman says:

ive had cork dry, london dry and gordons

BipedalP314 says:

You’ve convinced me to give Gin another chance. I would say that I owe CMC for introducing me to at least half of my favorite drinks. You have my eternal gratitude.

TheDutchGuy says:

Rye is used to change the mouthfeel of a drink mostly, it has a more smooth and rounded profile as opposed to barley or wheat.

metaldrummer9000 says:

I have not had any of those gins yet. I’m new to it and the only gin I’ve tried was Painted staves candy manor gin.

jodgey4 says:

my favorites are Boodles and the other St. George gins (esp. the Botannivore)… try em if you ever get the chance! there’s also a barrel aged Dry Rye from SG 🙂

bitterclinger says:

The first vids of yours that I watched were the Tequila tasting ones…excellent info and made me go out and try Cabo Wabo and found that I do like both their Blanco and Reposado much more than Patron Silver…still haven’t tried Tres Generaciones.  You guys must really like Tequila though because you seemed to spend a lot of time hatin on the Patron Silver, but no similar level of hatred for Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray Gin 🙂

Drexsauparty says:

I just love the Hendrick’s… Gin+Tonic+Cucumber AWESOME 😉

yuri778 says:

motherfucking small guy loves to talk

mostwantedjon1991 says:

My 1st gin was new Amsterdam, I killed the whole bottle now I don’t like it haha

RaiderJames85 says:

Is that the lady behind the camera?

whiskey7pete says:

Tried New Amsterdam based on this video and really, really enjoyed it.  Great aroma, light orange-y taste.  I previously was a Bombay Sapphire guy, and putting the two side by side, I was surprised just how much I liked New Amsterdam.  That being said, it is a much lighter flavoured gin.  Bombay Sapphire has a relatively new “East” flavour (dark blue label on the bottle), which features lemongrass and black peppercorn, and to me at least, it’s much, much better than original Bombay, and holds up well in a mixed drink.  Thanks again for this vid!

linkinduck94 says:

I got the same new amsterdam size for $20 i think at costco

joseph burtulato says:

What are you thoughts on Seagrams extra dry gin?

Common Man Cocktails says:

holy crap, that’s a far away little place, past Springfield. I’m in NH closer to the Boston area, I usually dread having to drive out that way 🙂

Mark Fernandes says:

The Bombay that made the list in the comments; is that the Original or the Sapphire? I’ve had Sapphire but not Original. How would you describe the two against each other?

Andy Sigmon says:

I’ve only ever had Bombay and it seemed so piney. Does all gin have a piney flavor?

UnendingGrimnesS says:

i was buying only Bombay gin for the longest time until the local liqour store cashier asked me if i had ever had new amsterdam, and i told her i really only drank bombay which is why she brought it up. they are similar but bombay is so much more expensive but it is 100 proof. the new amsterdam is so smooth and that citrusy after taste is great. i can drink this stuff and chase it with water which really brings out the flavor. never had the vodka tho, thumbs up on the NA gin

Common Man Cocktails says:

yeah, we had a lot of bottles of martin miller, not sure where they went, but they were probably in the gin tasting

LibertyFreedom1787 says:

Glad I caught this video just in time as my trusty ol’ Burnett’s just ran out. What’s so crazy about a couple of the top contenders is price. I looked up a local store and the Hendrick’s is over 3x the price of the New Amsterdam and the New Amsterdam is only a few bucks more than Burnett’s. Thanks for the video!

rr baca says:

To answer the question at 6:49 it’s great

Olly Maitani says:

After watching this I went out and bought New Amsterdam, and it in no way should be at the top. Upon first smell of the bottle it has a slight scent of floral and citrus notes but it’s overwhelmed by the scent of grain alcohol and it’s flavor is completely lost in a drink. I mixed it with Q Tonic and 1.5 ounces of gin and the flavor was lost. I haven’t tried the other two but Hendrick’s shouldn’t be behind this gin. 

JMAN21192 says:

thanks for the advice. recently picked up some new amsterdam and it is really good.

TheBunbury42 says:

I took a little of my money I just got from my tax refund and bought a bottle of New Amsterdam. I’m a big gin guy (my favorite is Hendrick’s, followed closely by Bombay Sapphire) and this is not a typical gin, but the gin&tonic I just made is very good. Good call on it. Glad to find a much cheaper but enjoyable gin.

rr baca says:

Jenna you look pretty


new sub here. great review. new Amsterdam is my go to sipper because of the calm flavors. For cocktails i like a bit stronger of flavor. cheers all!

0WolfMoon0 says:

Nope never had any of these Gins 
only had Bombay once

Iheartsamadams says:

They also make vodka, bourbon, and I think they also do scotch and rye

Captain Zeke says:

Hendricks is one of the worse Gin ‘s I’ve tasted. I mean sure it’s like the essence of dry but the aftertaste is so artificial. 🙁 good thing I like tanq

Gary Brill says:

I like Hendrick’s quite a bit, as well as Martin Millers (even though not shown). Haven’t tried Ethereal or St. George. New Amsterdam doesn’t really have enough juniper for me, although it does make a pretty good g&t as long as you’re not expecting juniper from it. Judging by what you have near the front running there, you might like Damrak Amsterdam Gin, which is a pretty lovely spirit.

Nester Beauregard says:

Beefeater London dry gin is my favorite

Abrar Ahmed says:

Does the guy on the left have the biggest face I’ve ever seen or does the guy in the middle have an abnormally small face and body? This video is really confusing.

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