Gin Blind Tasting Bombay Sapphire, Bulldog & Tanqueray / The 🏆 Goes To…

Today we find the best brand of gin from our completely brand blind gin tasting. The three battling it out in this blind tasting battleground is Bombay Sapphire, Bulldog and Tanqueray all London Dry Gins with a juniper-forward flavor.

Unlike the American Gin which tends to be citrus-forward, the London Dry tend to have a dry finish and a bit more juniper-forward flavor yet still can have a citrus botanical.

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TruelyBadassAmerican says:

Now I HAVE to go buy a bottle of Bulldog. I have been eyeing it up for weeks.

Jonathan Leavitt says:

Very informative, shared on Twitter. I’m going to try Bulldog.

Dennis Xiloj says:

QOTD I like to experiment but with a limit on price. fancy stuff doesn’t let you experiment that much without going broke.

CosmosZombie says:

I’m a HUGE gin person, I’ve tried as many as I can get my hands on (or my wallet allows) BUT if you had Bulldog, Hendricks, and Brockmans next to each other what would you choose?

tchevrier says:

Why didn’t you taste test some good gin instead of that garbage. Thats’ the stuff I serve to guests or in mixed drinks. Straight up or in a nice G&T, I wouldn’t dream of using that stuff.

Creepo says:

I like to do plenty of online research prior to purchasing, when picking up a new cocktail ingredient I like to start with the cheapest one thats generally regarded as good. I’m not a fan of vodka, gin or tequila so when I find one reasonably priced brand I’m happy with I tend to stick with it unless something new and better shows up. But with stuff like whisky, rum and brandy that I enjoy I like to buy different ones untill I exhaust the selection available to me in my price range and settle for my favorite.

Spikes Productions says:

QOTD: I like experimenting, but I can’t justify buying a product I know nothing about, so I usually read several tasting notes on a product before I buy a bottle. I’m fortunate enough to have coworkers that know A LOT about beer, wine, and spirits, so it’s rarely difficult to find someone that knows all about a product I’m interested in.

Antonin LaQuay says:

Incoming daily input for the show… Keep the super informative content coming! Those blind tastings definitely keeps CMC nice and fresh!!

Steffen Brygg says:

I hardly like any gin, but when mixed in a Collins I love it. So for me it would matter more how they taste in a cocktail than bare.

BipedalP314 says:

I’ve been enjoying the blind tasting videos. They’re both entertaining and informative.

conradwasalski4200 says:

Tanqueray is 80 proof in Canada. I feel jipped.

chedar munkey says:

i can get a bottle of Gilbey’s for 11 bucks

Two Doods Reviews says:

Nice blind tasting. I love Bombay and usually prefer it over Tanqueray, so I’ll have to do a side-by-side myself. Never tried Bulldog but will get. Ever tried The Botanist or done a side by side with Hendricks and Nolets?

David Diaz says:

I buy the best bottle I can get for whatever amount I can spend. Best bang for my buck.

Pine Tree says:

I’ve had nasty rums, whiskey’s, vodka’s, tequlias . . . never had a nasty gin. I’m sipping Carnaby’s gin right now. That’s ghetto gin. $10 in New York City for a liter, probably cheaper elsewhere. It hits the spot.

Travis Drake says:

The only Bombay Sapphire I have ever had and own is 94 proof. Yours was 80 proof? I did a 10 gin blind test and my favs were Tanqueray and Beefeater and least favorite Sapphire and New Amsterdam.

Dave G says:

Price, reviews and blind tasting have a lot to do with what I buy and when. If I slightly interested and everything falls into place I’ll buy. If not, I can wait. I have way too much alcohol for one person already.

VMiller58 says:

Bring back Brodeur for more tastings. He knows his tastes and seems to nail the blind guesses (nailed beefeater in the last one). You guys should always keep guessing which brand u think each one is. That creates even further competition and will release the true master

Blarghmasta says:

I check reviews and experiment.

LasstUnsSpielen says:

So I buy my spirits most of the time by the design – region it came from (want to support local brands more) and last price. Sure I don’t want to spend 100 euros for a spirit, yet… but not only because of your I stopped to buy cheap spirits.

Benjamin Dan says:

How do I buy liquor? I go in looking to experiment with a brand I haven’t had, see that my go to comes with a free jigger/shot glass/something, and then I proceed to buy the same thing I bought the last five times XD

TheQ says:

QOTD: I look at price, but I like to experiment for cocktails and such. And I usually go by CMC recommendations, too. 😛

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