Gin review

My first alcohol review request! Tiffany asked us to review 3 gin’s
Bombay Sapphire
This was an interesting review! Let’s just say! I was out by 9:00 pm

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Blue Damil says:

What do u guys rate sea grams extra dry gin

Mika Knuuttila Ström says:

Hernö gin! World Winner! Best gin in the world. From Sweden. Come on.

Aura Hyel says:

Irritating commentators. Stupid, too. Your 14-minutes of fame are over. Get lost.

slipperypetelauzon says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Amin Ma says:


denmarcbros says:

10 minutes in and we were feeling pretty awesome!!!

Patriotalliance says:

Some expert doesn’t know Tanqueray….

alan jackson says:

You lost me when the guy said, London is quite big on their gins then….. Is he for real? Where does he think Gin originates from? The oldest gin distilling houses were based in London hence London day gin! At lease do some research guys.

Sam Lai says:

i compare all gins to tanquery

youbuttface7 says:

knew it was canadian first 3 seconds lol

Bill M says:

Bombay is bad!!

byrne melanson says:

Good review ! Used to drink more than my share of gin…in between tennis matches..never won . Wonder why! Tanqueray was always the fav around here. Might try a shot or two to bring back the pre-golden years memories.

Allan Curtis says:

Tanqueray has 47,3% alc.

Pamela Warren says:

They would probably taste the same to me. I’m not one for straight liquor

Stockton CA says:

yall get buzzed fast

Jamie Moffatt says:

this is a great video Pierre…i gotta find the pics/videos from our gin bomber!

Louis Lanham says:

It would be nice if they did a TAD of homework BEFORE they started this video

Darcey Haines says:

Funny I never seen pickles pickled egg or cucumber in straight gin I’ll try these. Tanqueray always my favourite.

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