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Gordon’s Gin Review
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Ginreviews says:

Glad to know you enjoyed the video, Have you made any progress with drinking Gordon’s?

Ginreviews says:

There’s always room for dessert =)

John Faker says:

Gordon’s gin is not the cheapest out there, but it has the quality of the cheapest ones. If you mix it with anything, it loses all of its aroma and you just have citrus and alcohol.

Ginreviews says:

Feel free to check out our other reviews, as this is one of many.

Ed Bremson says:

yeah, I have a bottle of Gordon’s now, and there’s a curious aftertaste in the back of my throat, almost bitter. Maybe it’s just super dry. It goes away basically after one cocktail, but I find it very unpleasant. if I wanted that, I’d drink something other than gin. I’m sticking with Tanqueray, even though it costs about twice as much. (actually, I dislike Gordon’s so much, I put some raisins in the bottle to see if it might improve the smoothness. I’ll find out tomorrow night.

1XXHardrockXX1 says:

I drunk it yesterday, it was horrible!

Boris Malatov says:

Dudes are you guys high or something, I have rarely seen someone read that dull and slow.

Whit Kern says:

Gordon’s Gin is amazing for the price

Apocyl Doomer says:

Gordons, the absolute WORST Gin out there, I’ll never buy this CRAP again.

Rob Ebert says:

hat man is hammerd

Ginreviews says:

@sirwilliamhowell Thank you for watching the majority of theGordon’s Gin review. We look forward to your next piece of advice and your admiration of Gordon’s Gin.

fag mcdick says:

also gordons is proper gin. its what its supposed to taste like. it leaves an excellent aftertaste of juniper. most other gins taste like cheap crap. james bond only drinks the best.

Ginreviews says:

It’s not for the faint at heart, and it’s like taking the Expert ski run. If you’re not used to it’s flavor profile, you are in for a surprise.

Ed Bremson says:

I wish ya’ll had done just a straight review of Gordon’s, not all the 007 stuff

Eurobubble70 says:

Gordons is fine in a G&T, prefer it to other “cheaper” brands like Beefeaters, but the juniper flavor is obviously too strong to drink it solo.

The Czar says:

Here in the UK you can pick up a litre of this for £15, it’s not as laid back as Bombay but it has a nice bite. Beats a lot of Gin’s which are double the price. I have to admit it isn’t “my go to” gin, but nevertheless Gordon’s is a perfectly acceptable gin.

Ginreviews says:

@rtv1983 Thanks for your kind words. Neil’s acting ability is astounding! Together we bring quantitative and qualitative reviews. we are looking forward to having you join our site as a member.

fag mcdick says:

worst vesper ever made

wiccan daoist says:

I think the dude with the hat has to wear glasses or he had some bad gin, got his nose on the paper if he tries to read. lol.

kamapuaa2 says:

Vodka doesn’t amplify, it waters down the taste while still getting you smashed.

I must say that mixing vodka and gin is for wimps. Also your camera should be placed a little higher.

wiccan daoist says:

Also this review went all over the place can’t you guys just make a G&T and review.  I am kinda new to G&T but i like it.  So far i only tried Gordons G&T in a can, but i want to mix my own and looking for cheap but good gin.

I will watch all the other reviews.  I like G&T cause it is not so sweet like a blind russian or even a screwdriver and things like that.

Ed Bremson says:

next time I try a new gin, I’m going to buy the small bottle .375ml or smaller in case I don’t like it

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