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BigTrainBuff says:

An excellent series of reviews.

Spearfisher1970 says:

I found New Amsterdam weak for what I was looking for (just finished my bottle two days ago). It certainly wasn’t a standard gin, and it fits an artistic niche, but it can’t compare to Hendrick’s. No gin compares to Hendrick’s. I’ve never had my Hendrick’s mixed in a cocktail, and would refuse having it as such… New Amsterdam was meant to mix, Hendrick’s is meant to sip IMHO. One bonus to Hendrick’s is that every non-gin drinker at the get-together will agree it smells awesome.

topayo says:

plot twist, they dont use cucombers XD

Ginreviews says:

Awesome Idea, the vegetation and the Floral notes make this a breath of fresh air.

kenken8765 says:

Good review!

hal2526 says:

This gin tastes like swamp water.

Sig Sauer says:

Thanks. I’m scared of gin, never really liked it but numerous coworkers said to give it a go. Its okay.

Danny Hayward says:


Ginreviews says:

I’m glad you can find something you enjoy so well. We love that you are able to drink your gin straight and be a purist. I look forward to more of your comments 🙂

SLiMDeeZuL says:

A New Gin Vid… GooD DeaL
I’ve been drinking that New Amsterdam GiN… Everyone I give it to says it tastes Nasty…LoL
I don’t find it Bad at all

Ginreviews says:

Keep your support coming.

vinish shetty says:

loose the tie and the white shirt, try a Hawaii or a Lenin half sleeve also talk a bit enthusiastic aren’t we talking about drinks here? trust me its going to be over 2 million views not 14k

121warrior2423 says:

dude your video sucks

SLiMDeeZuL says:

Sounds like something I should try out…

Ginreviews says:

It’s all about what you enjoy, we did review New Amsterdam Gin in our other reviews and felt that it bring out a huge citrus note not to be ignored 🙂

Skankhunt_74 says:


Guns Cars and Digits says:

Very good gin! A G&T garnished with a mild vegetable works well. I tried cucumber and that came out nice. I’m contemplating using celery next time I remember.

mattcowling says:

I always keep a bottle of Hendricks on hand as it is a go to wonderful gin. Bombay sapphire is my go to for parties as it more cost effective. I have watched some of your reviews and I enjoy them. I am shocked with the amount of hateful comments below…the internet anonymity absolutely turns people into nasty rotten people. Its a gin review folks…go troll the world of warcraft videos.
My friend is a bartender in downtown Chicago and he brought over a few bottles of Martin Miller gin, was amazingly smooth…its been hard to find though, so I do not know much about it. Perhaps some history or info on that one in the months to come?
Keep up the good work,

Alisen Daniels says:

Love hendrick

FayceTwitch says:

Love this. Also, Bulldog gin is PHENOMENAL if you like floral, herbaceous gin

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