My Favorite Gins Reviewed

Just reviewing 4 of my favorite gins (Oxley, The Botanist, Ransom Old Tom & Monkey 47).

As of 9-2017, my current bottle count stands at over 2,400 bottles. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


Mark Stevens says:

I’m always on the lookout for a smooth gin that doesn’t taste like pine tree. I made my own ‘spiced vodka’ and omitted juniper all together. It turned out very tasty! Otherwise my favorite gin for a dry martini is Plymouth. Favorite for a Gin & Tonic is tanqueray #10.

Vesbolk says:

Yes, thanks for the videos. It’s been too long!

Salty Dog says:

I have struck out looking for Oxley at three good liquor stores in the Bay Area; frustrating!

No Nonsense Whisky says:

I’m sure you won’t be able to get it yet, but the relatively new Cotswolds Gin is one of the only gins I’ve ever been able to drink

Ricky M says:

You have a very impressive collection and your channel is one of the best . Try Jawbox gin which comes from my country Northern Ireland.

Brad Toast says:

Please do more videos on a regular basis. They are wonderful and you cover so many different kinds of alcohol, unlike all the other whiskey reviewers.

petez0r says:

get the ransom, I am not a gin lover, but when I randomly bought a bottle to use as a mixer, I made it into a neat dram only instead. amazing.

Ywaarde says:

I would suggest Bobby’s gin. It’s from Schiedam in the Netherlands but I have been seeing it in stores in the NYC area. It’s on the sweet side but oh so delicious.

Dylan Put says:

I think you might need a bigger selection of booze in your house!  🙂

Erikson Rich says:

Did you ever do a reivew on Titos handmade TX vodka? I’m a big vodka drinker, tried a lot of different brands, never tasted anything better then Titos, and never had a hangover from it.

Antonin LaQuay says:

Oh you would probably have super hard time digging that one out but if you can, Ferdinands Gin is absolutely fantastic and definitely puts a new twist on modern Gin! Also one coming from Germany, just further up North from the wine producing region named Mosel…Infused with Riesling as part of the recipe but also from other spices/barks/roots surrounding the vineyards, they also make wonderful white wine and then use the leftover product as part of the recipe 😉

herrskymarshall says:

Anyone tried Old Raj? I like the botanist and I’m curious about it because it’s a Springbank product.

delcyrus says:

I am glad you did this one. I have been curious about The botanist for some time and my preference has always been gin and tonic/ginger ale or Tom Collins. How do you think The Botanist would compare to Ransom and Monkey 47 in that regard? also, I unfortunately had to work during Whiskies of the World in ATX. I was wondering if you went and what you thought, or if they sampled out any of the Ardbeg An Oa. I hope everyone on your end made it through the storm okay.

multiverser says:

I know it’s cheaper and maybe not so sophisticated, but I keep coming back to Beefeater, after explorations into other gins, but I’m on a tight budget. I will get some The Botanist, however, next time out.

Kyle Armstrong says:

I’m a big fan of Vigilant gin out of the Joseph Magnus distillery. Their navy strength version is also excellent.

rockindrop says:

great video liquor hound. do you know about any more unusual gin cocktails outside the martini/martinez or negroni that these gins (or others) are good for? always looking to expand my gin repertoire

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