Nolets Gin Review

Allow Jones and Mann to be your “Spirits Guides” as we journey to good times and great friends. We enjoy tasting and telling you if it’s a favorite or Flop. During this Nolet’s Silver Gin Review we discuss the history and taste of Nolet’s. Coming in at over $50, Nolet’s is an not an entry level gin. We ha ve been looking for a gin to add to our list of reviews and Mann puts it all on the line with this one. Will his efforts pay off or will it not “Work Out.” Jones and Mann dip into the world of gin to answer that question, one shot at the time!
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TheTallDriver says:

I’m not big on Gin’s but my favorite is Bull Dog Gin. Juniper heavy, and it has a slight citrus flavor as well as a number of other flavors.
You should review that one. You will be surprised. $19.99-$24.99 a bottle.

Manny elpresidente says:

Estos vatos son chidos.

Czr S says:

We need rum, Summer is here .

C Logan says:

Funny you’d post this today. I bought my first bottle of this tonight. I’ve been trying all kinds of gin as gin is my favorite drink. I’m drinking this straight on the rocks. The jury is still out as to if I’d buy another bottle. I paid $37 for my bottle. The absolute best gin I have found so far is Monkey 47. It’s nectar of the gods but at $40 for 375 ml it’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

Art who says:

If you do another gin review, I suggest Eden mill gin, it’s smooth and for a gin that’s very unique, you can take that with a grain salt being I am a gin fan and have you guys tried Monkey Shoulder its one of my favourite whiskeys

Frank Pulkowski says:

My opinion there is no white liquor out there that is worth $600 a fifth you got to be out of your damn mind to pay that kind of money only way you can get people to pay that kind of money is to have a celebrity hold it and act like you’re drinking it

Frank Pulkowski says:

Come on guys all gin taste like perfume!!! Stick the bourbon Canadian cognac Armagnac those flavors of the most common sought-after reviews people love to know!

Bruce Nolte says:

You guys are fun ! And Nolet’s is almost my German family name, Nolte. Fun to discover this gin.

Laura Phillips says:

Let’s see them squats!

Len James says:

Gentleman here’s is a toast to you. I love the taste of this gin. I do find that I’m limited in mixing this gin as I would let’s say Hendricks or Bombay Sapphire but with that said a classic Gin and Tonic this gin has a great contemporary taste. The strong floral flavor tames the junipter flavor which I find refreshing. I find this gin has some of my friends accepting this flavor as they would shy away from the classical gin taste. Expensive yes but to me worth it….cheers!

Corey LaCoMBo78 says:

the face Jones made was hilarious. Gin is certainly a rough sell. I only use it in mixes. Hendrick’s is a decent one.

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