St. Augustine Gin Review

Today we review St. Augustine Gin, a product made in Florida which brings in some of the flavors of Florida: citrus. This gin, at around $33, is definitely an American gin, with juniper notes that are not forward on your tongue.

This gin brings out citrus and floral notes, but not an orange citrus, more the lemon citrus. St. Augustine has juniper, coriander, angelica lemon peel and cassia, a bunch of nice flavorful notes for an American gin.

This won’t be a London Dry juniper kick in the face, so if you can understand and respect the American gin, you’re on the right track. If you think $33 is acceptable for a new gin experience, it’s time to keep an eye out for St. Augustine. A clean and floral product that will no doubt compliment many great classic cocktails.

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Trevor Geraghty says:

I found this Vodka and wanting to try it. 4 orange Vodka is the world’s first vodka exclusively made from Florida oranges. It is Florida’s first vodka created from four distinct varieties of Florida oranges distilled at Florida’s first registered distillery

Dave G says:

There is only one Nature Boy and he lives in my house. Everyone else is an impostor.

Barun Mishra says:

Isn’t cane vodka essentially silver rum or maybe cachacha based on the process?

On The Rocks says:

lmao! “*sigh Stanley”

Vincent Mazza says:

Good to see some hometown action.

Dave G says:

I am slowly building up my alcohol collection and I haven’t tried gin yet. If I can find this I might give it a shot. Thanks.

boarder989 says:

I always look for products that are made with real stuff.

Clay Bigsby says:

Big Fan down here in Florida! Glad to see a local favorite found on yalls show and yall like it! Keep up the good work guys 🙂

Dave G says:

One more comment for the road. Thanks. I wish I could do more but I didn’t hit the PowerBall.

Stephen Harris says:

like American gin !  answer to question a good idea,  I try  but I need cheap for now

Bax War4774 says:

Hey can you do the kraken and coke. I would like to know if it’s good or not.

Dave G says:

Found it at ABC in Florida. Worth trying as my first gin?

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