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Basti SoliRef says:

Did you tasted Monkey47 and the distillers cut edition?

Kalle Rehnström says:

top ten beers

Michael Schreiber says:

Do you have tasted the Gin “No.38” of the scriptor-distillery in Karlsruhe (Germany). Its made by the special botanical of lemon verbena. Its very lemony and fruity? All its handmade and all its a new discovery.


Bombay sapphire is def my favorite. Least is tangeuray

Mickey Romine says:


Jonatan Mattsson says:

OMG, the background music is extremely disturbing…

Antaur666 says:

Not trying to harbour your locals…?? What about the Mandalay blue?

Ruben says:

do top 10 beers or whiskey!

Barjack521 says:

Ever try/What do you think of BlueCoat?

Thomas T says:

My personal favorite is Bombay Saphire. A GT with Bombay and a squeze of lime-juice…it’s just heaven on earth.

Haniel Rameshbabu says:

A title for each would have be better.

Gavin C. Morrison says:

Give Monkey 47 or Anchor Old Tom a try. Also Anchor Junipero

Essal G says:

Awesome vid as always – now try the ‘Bloom Gin’, I can assure you it’s great!

TDDSTL says:

Martin Miller (Westbourne Strength)

Germany's unique Gin Festival says:

Check out our aftermovie of Berlin’s unique Gin Festival 2017!

Bendik Winje says:

You`ve missed out my friend, should make a 2016 edition and taste Harahorn Norwegian small batch gin, won the gold in San Francisco world spirits competition. If you can`t acquire it psm me.

Daniel McLaughlin says:

Top 10 non alcoholic drinks

David Stapleton says:

monkey 47 brooooo!! Great Video

Pete McD67 says:

Doesn’t even mention Beefeater? Which is one of the biggest Sellers and has won many awards and one of the most popular. Doesn’t even mention it?

giocastagno says:

Tanqueray 10 is a fine Gin and one of my favourites, though Warner Edwards Rhubarb is definitely on a par with it.

Mais says:

Your top ten favorite mixed drinks? Or your favorite ones to make ( The most fun )

Mr. Lunatic says:

am i the only one who thinks the blue bottle on the right looks like a vigor from bioshock infinite?

Real Men: A Dying Breed says:

quite a few monkey 47 fans. I’m on the fence still. great in a gin mule, but so far not impressed especially for the cost.

Hendrick, overrated.

and where is Greenalls?

Lew Rodd says:

Try Brecon Gin and all the rest will taste like acid.

Justin Verh says:

Where could I get eden mill gins in the US

Scotchgod says:

tanqueray 10 rocks!

Cody Obropta says:

AYYY B0ATY’S gin of choice!

Paul Blowes says:

Awesome , jus chekn to see how this bottle of gin I bought of shoplifters for $20 n a bud stacks up.First I seen tanguaray at no8 so I was nicely surprised to see the fresh bottle or T 10 as No1 world’s finest gin , N I’m just drinking that to myself as a treat for making it to 40,cheers y’all time to tip the cup 1pm,nice…P.s.B..

Mika Knuuttila Ström says:

Hernö gin (From Sweden)! World winner! Should be on your list.

I Bammer says:

do you actually know anything about basic dry gin? let alone the ones with multiple botanicals? stick to watery lager my friend

nobody15here says:

666 likes don’t you dare touch it! ^^

tchevrier says:

I’ve only every tried the Bombay and the Tanqueray. I definitely DO NOT like them.
Have you ever tried Williams Gin? Its from the UK. Its my personal favourite. That and St. George Gin and Magellan Gin are very good.

Jon Sharp says:

I was at edin mill theother day

GF Sports says:

My local Aldi are selling limited release flavoured gins from Eden Mill , absolutely fantastic …I have only tried the Chilli & Ginger one as they sell out as soon as they are on the shelf .

trucks says:

Gin is nasty

GinEric84 says:

A “Gin Martini” known the world over as a “Martini”

hoodpatron says:

Top ten beers 🙂

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