Ultimate Gin and Tonic | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s here to show you how to put together his ULTIMATE Gin & Tonic in celebration of World Gin Day, using Bombay Sapphire gin, tonic water, lime and plenty of ice. It sounds simple, but there are so many ways to elevate this drink above the average G&T you might have had before. It’s an ideal drink for summer (and spring, autumn and winter…). Created in partnership with Bacardi.

Follow Jamie’s advice and let us know how you get on! How do you make your perfect Gin & Tonic?

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Have fun and please drink responsibly.


Stefan Andre says:

Lime huh…I usually use lemon. I gotta try this tonight.

Rccarlover Luxembourg says:

that’s the first video which includes everything I read about and watched in the net, spanking a mint or basil , turning the ice to chill the glass, get rid of the fluid, not be afraid of adding some fresh lime in a special way, then not 1:3 but 1:2 that you have a quite strong g&t, the adding of a piece of lime…small details which makes the difference and thanks for explaining why bartenders use the spoon to let the tonic in….and now I want you spank a Boston shaker to open it 🙂

Rasmus Riskær-Smidt says:

It’s all about the tonic. Why have a expensive gin and a discount tonic? I like a neutral tonic, not very sweet so I can taste the gin 😀

Bright Amaechi says:

Jamie Rocks guys…. Cooking is so wonderful the way he does it.

breadbasketbomb says:

Only Americans have Gin and Tonic with ice.

Not to be rude.

giovanni spinotti says:

oh please no lime in the verdamte g&t.

Wladimir Bljad says:


daphwellmag says:

Such an Englishman!

Stefano Meloni says:

please jamie… come back to the food…

BeGranger says:

Jamie could you do a video with the Monkey 47?

skinnybut stronglad says:

Or pour the gin into your eye to get it into the blood stream faster, it’s pretty classy

Gareth Evans says:

try a whitley Neil gin with fever tree tonic and a slice of orange. it’s spankin’

Mike Clark says:


Joel Zerr says:

“You don’t want to lose all the effervescence” *pours tonic down a fucking spoon and releases all the bubbles*

Thunder Cloud says:

Those tonicwaters look really small! If they are 250 ml, which I presume, it must be 1:5 gin vs tonicwater?

San Writes says:

searched “spanking” in the comments .. it just turned lemony yellow!

A Cool guy Is the coolest guy says:

2:53………what did he just say?

Kunal Purkait says:

mr,James…..i like your recipe each cocktail …….

Vinicius Paula says:

Only got Bulldog gin, will that work as fine as this or should I use lemon instead?

My art channel says:

try Nordés gin from Espana……my favourite

Lucy Edgar says:

He literally just poured gin and tonic in a glass but tryed to make it fancy!

that one fat lady waiting in line in front of you says:

“I like a bit of spanking, its quite nice”

sparcut says:

Why type of glass is that?

Grimey Reaper says:

Can you make a video on how to make setan and tonic?

Crazy Neerp says:

making love to his tonic and gin~

toby43078 says:

Bombay Sapphire is garbage…try the Bombay Dry Gin….thats classic and tasty..

Jonathan Ramirez says:

Dr. Disrespect brought me here…

FoxDevilsWyld says:

try it with cucumber!

walshygel2 says:

Sheer bliss

David Henney says:

nothing better on a hot summer day

Ashley Barnard says:

Father-in-law Geoff used to love gin and tonic drinks

Bernie Kennedy says:

Awwww love wee G&T

Buggetta Kingston says:

1993 – 1994 (back to back)

JB 6000 says:

I like tonic water but real quanine water not soft drink tonic which is unfortunately what Schweppes and shop brand commercial tonic waters mostly are. It may have a small amount of good sugars or something put in to counteract the bitterness although honestly it is the one decent soft drink that is never too sweet or even when it is as sweet as the others (most cola drinks are far too sweet) unless you have ‘k’ola extract although quanine and kola extract by quality mix are not cheap or easy to find

As far as the gin goes, Beefeater is considered a crappy gin, Bombay or what is called Blue Sapphire is reasonably standard, and Willing to Learn, albeit the silly name is not that bad I have tried it they have it in my area. Straight gin I have sipped from organic vendors has something of a floral taste – though one which is sturdy. Something like bergamot in Earl Grey tea although a different nature alltogether

I am 귀신 says:

A little bit agave syrup is my magic ingredient in gin tonic! Sooo good you gotta try this

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