Ungava Gin Review

Local Quebec Made Dry Gin Abv 43.5


Welsh Toro says:

Nice review Swami. We watch your show because we enjoy your opinions regardless of the drink. It’s your show and you can do whatever you want. Jeez, the gin market has exploded. The amount of gin in the U.K is mind boggling. Don’t drown your gin with crappy tonic. Use it sparingly or add spring water (or neat). This sounds intriguing and we can buy it over here. I go through phases with gin and its styles but I find I’m returning to really well made London style gins. Good quality distillate and juniper can’t go wrong. Gin has no right to be expensive though. Nice one. Cheers. WT

The Whisky Hunter says:

Gin makes my gag reflex kick in. I’d call that color yellow snow. Love you, hate gin. Wonderful and Gin shouldn’t even been in the same sentence.
Other than that, great review

SOWLEG says:

Well, if you absolutely have to review a gin I suppose we can forgive you because of the local fairtrade choice 😀

eric gilbert says:

Dave Broom has a great Gin book. Always good to switch it up.

Drinking In Canada says:

Found it! Very nice gin, most craft gin I’ve had so far are good just on ice so this is a good trend 😀

Jason Voorheese says:

A Dutch/English spirit, produced in a French-speaking area, with indigenous American ingredients… the world is such a small place!

Gin is another spirit I steered away from for a long time, but surprisingly enjoyed it. There is so much variety, and that’s excluding genever. Looking forward to buying and experimenting with more varieties 🙂

foodquig says:

I have to get to June, July, and August to drink gin. I like drinking it when it’s warm outside, and I naturally mix it with tonic. I’ve had a couple of them from the states, I also had both versions of Victoria gin, sourced locally, and usually go for Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray just because they are affordable… I never heard of the Ungava. Maybe I’ll look for it next Summer… It truly is amazing how many distilleries are popping up locally. A single malt from Quebec might be interesting… Of all the Ardbegs I have ever tried, Uigeadail is the one I disliked the most, and I was so-so on Auriverdes… Ardbeg 10 and Corryvreckan were the ones that I enjoyed the most.

Seattle206723 says:

Juniper, Pine, Citrus wow. Haven’t had a gin in so long that I can’t think of what it smells like lol. Adding OJ was the favorite way to drink it :)… #4th Thumbs up and shared.

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