Whisky Review 292 – Gin

. . . you may not know this Whisky drinkers, but Gin can be sexy if you source the right stuff !


Nexfero says:

What about bathtub gin? thats what it was called during prohibition in the states

sunnyztmoney says:

Gin and lemonade, add lime wedge, muddle, add ice
thank me later

Hougenie100 says:

“Don’t think you can make create your own Lagavulin out a bottle of Bells” Hahahahaha, brilliant. Was laughing at that for a solid 10 minutes


gilbey’s and brokers are my two favourites,but i must say gilbey’s 1st,,had my gin mix recipie published on brokers site and met one of the brother owners when he payed a visit to the country and he gave me a bottle,shirt and bunch of other paraphernalia,very nice chap he was

Tomas Novella says:

Ralfy, have you considered reviewing some Vodkas? Since you mentioned that Gin is an alternative to that.

TheJusnic82 says:

you are such a wealth of knowledge, I really appreciate videos like this from you

Jim Green says:

its shit man

forestsandman says:

Comprehensive as hell!

jslasher1 says:

I’m a martini man. There are so many brands of gin to choose from: the premium London Dry gins [two dozen or so] or the elegant Plymouth English dry gin, which is distilled in its namesake city. Either Dolin or Noilly Prat dry vermouth to compliment the gin. Add whatever garnish [lemon twist, olives or onions] suits you. Sir Winston Churchill favoured his martini mixed with Plymouth [although Boodles disputes this]; the American President, F D Roosevelt, also preferred Plymouth. He added two olives to the garnishment, which is what we call a Franklin martini.

lamanticora says:

Hello, Ralfy
you could try your G&T with a dash of Chinkiang vinegar. It´s a chinese rice wine vinegar and meet the aged, smokiness of balsamic with a hint of saltiness, minerality. Worked a whole lot for me.
From your brazilian fan, cheers!


but in england whisky came first no?

goat 68 says:

i like the gin review… but gin isnt for me

The artist formerly known as Beerzerker ! says:

The bit on tonic is so true. I can only find Canada dry and Schweppes. Great video.

klemen junger says:

Love the video!

Ironbooze says:

“The quality of gin is as good as it’s ever been” “there were many people who would go mad, blind and then die” 😀

Russell NKD says:

Get drunk & say you’re prayers !

AndreasFeliks KrutzeMcEwen says:

who come you dont review vodka.?

James Larcey says:

I love these reviews.

mirqo says:

Hi Ralfy. I am looking forward to hear your testing notes about “The Botanist” and I have one question for you dear malt mate: Have you tried Lidls “Castelgy London Dry Gin”? It is very cheap where I live (around 6-7 pounds) and app. very decent..

LeoLawliet says:


Bas van der Meij says:


Have you ever tried jenever? 
The Dutch/Belgian spirit from which gin evolved.

I really like the “old” variations of the stuff, especially the ones that have been aged in barrels.

Andy Cigars says:

To this day…still one of my favorite Ralfy reviews! 😉

Zohirul Islam Jewel says:

I heard drinking too much gin can cause temporary blindness, I heard this on the Swissmade channel’s Beefeater gin review.

tetroxide1 says:

Friskey Whiskey Timey Wimey

InnaSoulSounds says:

Love gin!

Xamplio says:

Most interesting gin & tonic I’ve ever had was a very small splash of huckleberry mead in a gin & tonic. Sounds gross – but it was actually pretty good. Again, it’s just a small small splash, because the huckleberry mead is very strong and sweet, and too much could definitely drown your g&t.

JOSEPH Mysko says:

gin with ginger ale is nice with a slice of lemon ☺

Jason Voorheese says:

Ralfy, have you ever considered reviewing vodka?

SchlumiBenLuschi says:

What’s the ABV of the Bombay Dry that you reviewed, please? 37.5, 40, or 43?

John Cook says:

Excellent review Ralfy… educational!

ManBearPig says:

I’m a little too unadventurous when it comes to gin & tonic, I have the same relationship with it as one would have with an old comfy pair of shoes. A little bit of Tanqueray No. Ten, a couple of ice cubes and a splash of Fever-Tree, it never fails paired with a relaxed evening.

Andrew Stanton says:

Is a Glencairn glass not recommended for gin?

TheJusnic82 says:

sippin on gin and juice…laid back….

Taxin Jazz says:

Always such a wealth of knowledge. Throughly enjoy your reviews! Hendricks is outstanding and one of my favorites. I think its best neat.

sidka84 says:

have you ever tried slovak borovicka (junniper brandy)?it s bit different but similar in some aspects

The Czar says:

Bombay far exceeds these gins. Lovely peppery taste with a smooth finish packed full of extra notes all of which are noticeable. Tanqueray on the other hand is overpriced garbage that appeal’s to the 20 something frat boy who wants to get “wasted man” literally all I can taste is just the strength of it. It smells how it tastes, I wouldn’t even wash my bathtub with it wouldn’t be fair on the plughole. I would also like to add on I happen to quite enjoy Beefeater and don’t really understand the slander it gets. Yes it is a somewhat simplistic gin but it is priced fairly, according to that. Perfectly acceptable Gin, once mixed of course.

Matteo in 't Veld says:

gin is very easy to make just put juniver berries vodka or amand extract in a bottle with a bit sugar let it stand for a couple of days and boom you have gin


gin is basically vodka with flavour

Trevor Ogden says:

hendricks gin is pretty good.

The Hipsters_95 says:

Hey Ralfy have you ever gotten a chance to try Boodles London Dry? Ive only had it once at a tasting and I personally enjoyed it, this coming from someone who doesn’t prefer gins, and I’m wondering what your thoughts are?

David French says:

Loved this review and such fascinating history. I must agree that you do need a good quality tonic water if you buy a quality gin. The supermarket own brands of tonic should be avoided in this regard, they can ruin a good G+T experience.

Springbanker says:

I love gin tonic on a sunny afternoon. tastes great and it won’t give you a headache even if you had one too much

Robert Glasner says:

Sorry but I can’t get past the odor.

Oz A says:

Excellent review, mate! New subscriber here and very much looking forward to checking out the rest of your reviews on Scotch whiskey. I bought my dad a bottle of Old Pulteney for his birthday after watching your review. I’m a Hendrick’s Gin fan and love to make a martini with it! Glad you like it, too, and gave it a very high rating. Cheers from sunny California

Matthew Spencer-Kociol says:

American Here: Wow I’ll have to give Plymouth a try. I’ve sampled Hendricks and Bombay before. Why am I not surprised you’d like Hendricks? Perhaps, considering Hendricks is made in Scotland, a Scottish gin would be more fitting to the palate of Whisky enthusiasts?

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