whisky review 615 – Gin options for 2017

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ThePuusilima says:

You should try to get Finnish Kyrö Napue Gin to review. It won last last year International Wine and Spirit Competition in Gin & tonic category. 🙂


my favourite two brands are Gilbey’s and Brokers

FAH Q says:

Where I come from we have a saying. “Ugh, gin!”

John Cook says:

Simply awesome Ralfy… you know your stuff!

KHWW123 says:

Ralfy, have you ever tried Kyrö Distillery’s Napue Gin? It is distilled from rye, has interesting botanicals and in 2015 was chosen as the worlds best gin for gin & tonic in International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Radioactiveslime says:

First off, Merry Christmas Ralfy, and a here’s to a Happy New Year, bottoms up! Looking forward to your end of year vlog; always a treat.
Guilty pleasure #5: Gin neat. Not always, but I do enjoy it.
A Gin and Tonic is hard to beat but alas, you are partly masking the Gin, so carefully constructed by the master distiller, with another potentially lesser component. However, it is the simplicity if the drink that attracts me. No ridiculous cocktail name that would make a sailor blush, and it’s refreshing enough that you can actually enjoy more than one or two.
I am curious to know, what is the minimum requirement for a spirit to be called Gin. Is it the juniper ingredient or can it be any mix of botanicals? Are there potato based spirits used for Gin or is it usually corn or rye etc.?
And then there’s Tonic itself. I understand there is bit of a craft Tonic water industry revolution happening? Any thoughts on that?
Whisky rules, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Bring it on Ralfy, we thirst for your opinions on all that is the spirit world. (Supernatural too, if you’ve got anything…)

james hill says:

a great Gintermission from whisky, Ralfy. 😀

Brandon Lee says:

Ralphy! Have you tried The Raj @ 55 ABV?

Vegard K says:

I bought a Cannonball navy strength because of this, looking forward to taste it!

John Robinson says:

Ralfy, my Goodness so much you have taught me thank you sir. now that i watch and learn from what you post i am i large fan. R alfy you have shown me so very much, i am i massive fan. I truly had no clue… you have educated me very well sir. Thank You.
It is not about volume it is the quality. Sadly i am in the US and access to the sprites you have I can not get without a great money outlay. Thank you Ralfy,,


if anyone is interested in a gin drink that i came up with you can find it published on Broker’s website , one of the gin distillers co site in UK under the name “botanical twist” even though i simply wanted to call it “the botanical” one of the owners felt the former name suited it better,it is a perfect drink mixer intro for gin,and not as dry as gin and tonic which i feel might be too forward for beginners,everyone who tried this recipe loved it and had new found respect for gin as i was told by one drinker lol,anyways hope you guys try it out and let me know what you think,love to hear it


thats all nice ralfy but how do you keep the clear colour of the gin? i dont think coffee filtre will work for all the ingredients,perhaps charcoal filtration,but if your lucky enough to have your own home made still then even better,,i droped in some anis seeds during a run one time and got something like Arak(lebanese shine) or aniscee (italian style) kinda like the sweet Luxembourg

Radio Laboratory says:

hey Ralfy…yea I made sum gin myself w/13 botanicals now sittn n a tiny cask…can’t wait til it’s matured!

MyBigThing2010 says:

k-why-nine….not k-win-een lol

kelly j says:

Have to try some of these

John Smith says:

Dear Ralfy, you mentioned, that you would like more Quinine taste – try Fever Tree indian tonic water – it is much more tangy. As always, a great review and inspiration for new spirits to try!

Ol Le says:

At 21:42, out of context, it looks like you’re breathing a sigh of relief at a spider on the ceiling whose welfare you were worried about because it had gone missing for a few days but now you’ve seen it again, you’re thinking “There you are, you naughty spider, I was worried about you!”

George Augustus Elliot says:

Silent Pool is good enough to drink neat. So too is Olde London gin.

Mats Silvander says:

Really try to get your hands on some Napue Gin by Kyrö Distillery in Finland, might be the best gin I’ve tried in my life!

Rick Kovalcik says:

As of an early October tour of Bruichladdich, the gin still was not in use at the time. The said they only tend to run several batches a year as opposed to the whisky stills being pretty much in constant use. I can’t see how they could be producing more Gin than Scotch.

Tee H says:

I much prefer my gin with (home made) lemonade than with tonic.

numberstation says:

I strongly recommend Tarquin’s Gin from Cornwall, blue or red bottle, sensational flavours and aromas. Monkey is excellent though a little pricey, and Plymouth is the best for the money, in my opinion. The best mixer for me is Fever Tree, worth every penny.


one spirit i find that is not much talked about other than whisky,cognac or brandy is the french calvados made for apple cider,i think it’s becoming bigger now that im starting to find it more in my local booze shop,,not many varieties yet which makes it more interesting to review ,boulard i believe is one

Shane Goodson says:

Was in Amsterdam for the first time this past Summer (on my way to Glasgow and Islay 🙂 ), totally know what you mean about the hazards of crossing the roads, and I live in Israel where people drive like maniacs on a good day.

Sfidt1 says:

I haven’t tried that many gin drinks, but I like it the most with Tonic, Ice and fresh Lime.

Juho Lepparanta says:

My favorite gin has to be Kyro Distillery Company’s Napue from Finland.

Mark Wilson says:

Botanist tastes good to me with roughly equal parts tonic as well as pure water plus lime slice.

folkmarcmetal says:

Ralfy, any chance there is a video like this on rum soon?
Bought the foursquare you recommended, and i love it.
Now i need more ralfy-recommended rum haha

CalebBrianBooth says:

Ralfy, when making gin from vodka, does it matter what price level of vodka you use? Can I buy a $6 bottle of vodka and it will taste just as good as a $30 bottle of vodka for this purpose?

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