Sake Review

I review sake from Japan I received as a gift

My review of Sake Manly. I have been here over 4 times now and i decided to do a little review of what i really loved at Sake Manly. I came here for date nights originally then for Chinese New Year with my family. I highly recommend trying the : nasu dengaku TEMPURA EGGPLANT spicy […]

Drinking Japanese rice wine aka sake is a great way to kick off dinner, but there’s a right and wrong way enjoy this spirit. Let EN Japanese Brasserie’s Yoshihiro Sakimoto show you the best way to sip and pair sake, none of which involve dropping a glass into a full beer. Find your favorite sake […]

Review of the Nigori sake from Kubota Shuzo in Nagaoaka, Niigata, Japan Kubota Shuzo: Other Kubota Shuzo reviews: Shuzo RampantLionReviews on Facebook: RampantLionReviews on Twitter: RampantLionReviews on Untappd: RampantLionReviews on Instagram:

Soto Sake. An award-winning super premium junmai daiginjo sake that we just had to try! No additives, no preservatives and made with mountain water from the NIIGATA PREFECTURE to create an ultra-smooth drinking experience. Have you tried Soto Sake before? Are you a Sake fan? Either way, this is a Sake to try and when […]

In this video, we are reviewing three Kit Kat Bars from Japan. Kyle traveled to Japan and handpicked these bars for us to try. Flavors include Almond & Currant, Butter Cookie and Japanese Sake. Music Credit: “Rollin at 5” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Other Places To Find Us: […]

Link to blog reviews: Kiku masamune Japanese Sake Brewing Skin care Lotion ( Kiku masamune Japanese Sake Brewing Skin care Lotion(high moist) ( Kiku masamune Japanese Sake Brewing Skin care cleansing gel ( Kiku masamune Japanese Sake Brewing Skin Care Wash Foam ( Kiku masamune Japanese Sake Brewing Skin Care emulsion/milk ( Where to get […]

Yehoshua Werth with George from the Japanese Culinary Center in New York City tasting and reviewing Sake’ Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Unfiltered Sake

Hi Humans! Todays video is a taste test video. But its one i feel like i should have done long ago hahah. Probably from the very beginning. This episode of booze and reviews I’m actually going to be reviewing booze! Haha i was waiting for the right moment and the right booze to do it […]

(check more videos about Japan on my channel!!!) My Japan story, or better say Sake story, started on my very first day in Japan! That was the first day at my university (GRIPS) and at the same time a Culture Day, where students from all over the world had a chance to introduce cultures of […]

*** 9.0/10 *** -It cost me $18.99 for a 720 mL bottle of this rice wine. It is 14.9% alcohol by volume. Great flavor. Very easy to drink. This sake was produced and bottled by Kizakura Co. LTD. I love Japan. “I think it’s time for America to give up on its allies in western […]

Sake Vending Machines are the ultimate reward for Day Three of our journey, as I face my toughest challenge yet. ► DECIDE my Daily Challenge: ► WEEKLY Podcast: ► BEHIND the scenes Patreon: **FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE** ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: @abroadinjapan **EQUIPMENT I USE** ► MAIN Camera: […]

Sake originated from Japan and has been around for 2,000 years, but it took a while for the beverage to reach the US shores. The way that sake is processed is much more similar to the brewing process of beer. The rice starch is converted into sugars and that sugar is then converted to alcohol […]

*** 9.2/10 *** $$$ This sake is a blend of two different sakes. It is made with full-bodied honeydew, papaya, anise, and roasted nuts. It cost me $16.99 for a 750 mL bottle…the cool thing about this bottle is that it can be put directly on a stove to be heated if you want to […]

Arne and Chris do a long missed review of the limited edition sake Kit Kat! Find out what they think right here!

Sake Review: Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori Premium Japanese Sake. Product of Japan, ABV 14.9% Serve slightly chilled.

“Dear the internet I am kind of tipsy” Subscribe to Facts. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – More Information: In this video we asked the Facts crew […]

Uhhhhhhh, my stay in Japan has been involuntarily extended. No music on this video either. Keeping to that minimalist onkyo ahit. Think of this is avant garde. Or don’t. Coming home tomorrow, I hope. I don’t know why I keep calling it sah-kay. Probably just from speaking Spanish.

I know it’s been a while since I uploaded a video. But I promise it’s worth that wait. My wife was recently in Japan and brought me back some sake. This is my first sake adventure so let me know what you think. If you have any info on sake that I didn’t mention, please […]

Been gone for far too long! Time to come back… slowly! Also sake so that’s just a bonus. SUBSCRIBE – Twitter – If you hit the “like” button it boosts my ego! At Real Potato Gamer, we understand there are better channels out there for your viewing potential, and we thank you for […]

The first installation of our alcohol reviewing video thing! You like the video you subscribe and such! Yes!!