Americans Try Asian Liquor For The First Time

“It’s Like A Divorce In My Mouth.”

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Paul T Sjordal says:

“It’s like a divorce in my mouth.”

JJ Marie says:

…you should’ve gave them real soju…

sarabpalsingh says:

Old Monk the greatest

Yuu Kaname says:

try lambanog from Philippines hahahahah

Animé Nerd :P says:

Who else thought the title said ” American Kids Taste Asian Liquor”. And that the girls in the thumbnail were children.


these kids are too young

Amanda Yocham says:

Michelle looks drunk af at 2:52 lol

Shrikar Parashar says:

Old monk rules!!XXXD

sangram kar says:

OMFG old monk… thats my fav….

Lucas calma says:

Where is Lakan from Philippines

SithHappens 23 says:

that woman in yellow really looks like my ex. can’t unsee

Lotus Blossom Makeup says:

Sake to soju
Nagasaki to Seoul
You can find me in Shanghai
You know what those shots of bijou do

kutchero says:

Where’s Lambanog??

sara_cat says:

Good god they took like 6+ shots in probably like an hour. Jesus

Ant Pee says:

They better be careful with that SoJu!! You could finish about 2/3 of that bottle (especially a GOOD bottle) and wont even feel drunk….until you STAND UP!!!

yidingcao says:

You should never drink Chinese liquor in a shot. That’ll kill you.

ncode03 says:

The chinese one is probably is a knockoff.

Eren Jäger says:

I did not know she was Indian, but I know for sure she does not have the Indian stink by looking at her.

Cyril Gomez says:

That indian girl knows nothing about alcohol..

Ru Chip says:

2:24 – 2:27. Hmm Eli stop it!

KAS Pelli says:

good answer :p @00:16

Shaundel Haripersad says:

Can we jus have a moment to Wath at all of Michele faces that she makes

Diana ortiz says:

the mekhong bottle reminded me of that salvadorian liquor called tic tack lol

MrBannnnnny says:

Chinese everclear?? everclear is 190 proof lmao

pranks says:

i see old monk…i like

Mäkirannantörmä says:

Why, oh why not 北京红星二锅头?

Niox says:

You Should make them drink “Hjemmebrent” ITS homemade Norwegian. ITS 90-99% alcholhol

XioXio 55 says:

i like muffins

22RickGrimes says:

Soju creeps up on you for sure. Don’t underestimate it

Nicola Pellacani says:

0:20 the femminist from the “36 questions for men” video…Hope you choke on that stuff.

bharadwaj kasi says:

I miss OLD MONK…

John Juhasz says:

I’m a scotch or bourbon guy but I really want to taste the Indian “XXX” rum.

Stephy Skywalker says:


robert henderson says:

I would love to hang out with every one of these fun people from buzzfeed! Absolutely love this channel!

Kristy Douglas says:

u ppl shud try puncheon from Trinidad

jo jung says:

Why there is no Philippines 🙁 Lambanog, Tuba and Basi is the Common native Liquor Drink in the Philippines

Aliah Pasaporte says:

Who’s the guy in the buzzfeed shirt

Lune95 Shiro says:

the guy with the blue and air plaines shirt, was so cute and I was loving him but when he said “prop from Howls moving castle” instant crush! put him more in vids please!

Ken CalKEAlo says:

What do people call religious people “Soju”.i soju’d go now

Benjamin says:

damn if i recall that Moutai is expensive af…..

Ben Lau says:

Moutai is amazing you guys..

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