Guide to Japanese sake drinking: all you need to know about sake

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My Japan story, or better say Sake story, started on my very first day in Japan!

That was the first day at my university (GRIPS) and at the same time a Culture Day, where students from all over the world had a chance to introduce cultures of their home countries. And of course, Japan was introduced there at its most! Some Japanese arts like origami, calligraphy, tea ceremony, kimono wearing were familiar to me, but there was something that I have never tried, only heard about, and everything what I heard turned out to be false.
That was sake!

You know, I come from Ukraine, a “strong alcohol friendly” country, and here people commonly think of sake as a strong alcohol drink, like vodka, only made of rice. Most Ukrainians have never tried sake, because it’s impossible to find a sake bottle in the local stores!
So can you imagine how I was surprised to know that sake is a very delicious, soft, smooth drink, with alcohol content 15-16% on average, and that you should enjoy every sip of it, not like me at first – drinking it as a shot 🙂

I am grateful to my Japanese friends who taught me how to drink it right! But most of all I appreciate a tradition of sake parties established by one of my Japanese friends – a real sake connoisseur! At those parties we were not drinking, but tasting and learning the history, geography and secrets of sake brewering, culture of serving and drinking sake!

We learned what ingredients and what types of rice are used for sake production, the processes of rice polishing and sake brewering, the origin of sake (prefectures), what the best breweries are, what types of sake can be, how it is supplied to the market, how to read sake bottle labels, how sake is stored and served, and what kind of food to drink it with!

There are many interesting and impressive stories creating special atmosphere for sake tasting that you will never forget, especially when these stories are told by a fully committed, devoted person, feeling and sharing his admiration and excitement for sake culture!

I really want to introduce sake to the world to let people know the truth about it, avoid funny situations like mine, and have an opportunity to enjoy this amazing taste!

That’s why In my video for #MyJapanStory video challenge I share some facts about sake, my impressions and experience of this unique aspect of Japanese culture which is barely known outside of Japan)

I hope after watching this video you decide to visit Japan for more information and for endless supply of the best sake in the world!


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