How to Heat Sake

Have you ever wondered how you could enjoy warm or hot sake by just using your “Tokkuri” or sake jug? Sometimes you may not have a microwave safe sake jug which you can use to heat your sake, so this video will show you a traditional way of doing so by simply using boiling water in a pot to heat your sake.

Please note that if you are using a microwave to heat your sake, be sure to check your sake jug for any metallic or gold paint. In the case that your sake jug has metallic or gold paint on it, DO NOT use in your microwave or you may risk damaging it. Heating your sake jug in boiling water is a much safer route in the case that you are not sure if your flask is microwave safe.

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rinwhr says:

What if I can’t finish it? How do I store?

Jack T-T says:

That weed leaf though.

Mike Liggett says:

I like that Godzilla sake

SADAKO says:

While heating dokkuri, burner still on or off?? (I have so bad english. Understand me)

SoldierCyfix says:

my favorite drink!!!
I don’t believe in drinking sake without drinking until you’re drunk

James Stanton says:

Rereading SHOGUN and needed some

Whoa! says:

Mrs Lin, thank you for the instructions how to heat sake. Today I learned something new – yay! :O)

Austen Symes says:

Thank you very much Mrs. Lin ! 🙂

nofocus1 says:


James Golden says:

Thank you for this video. I just used it to prepare an old bottle that’s over 20 years old. It’s being used in memory of my late Grandfather that passed today. Really, thank you for the help in preparing.

Nushgala says:

I always heated my sake in a pan under a low heat for about 2-3 minutes. Although I’ve never had an issue of burning out the alcohol (or too much), im curious to know if i should not do that from now on? Maybe ill use this method and test the difference. I hate microwaves. Lo

Clarence - The regular Cat says:


jorgeochoa223 says:

Thanks for the video I just subscribed please please do more soip videos… thanks cheers

goku lilith says:

Thank you for speaking English 🙂

H00rah1 says:

Thank you for this video. & here I was warming the bottle itself in hot tap water in a plugged sink…

Crooked_MX-5 says:

thank you for the video, and I like the cannabis leaf flask.

oxskirra says:

thank you very much this should be most helpful with my
Ty Ku-Junmai Ginjo

rj 22 says:

What about in a small glass bottle?

chipoftheundead says:

Thanks Mrs Lin. I’ll be having a warm sake tonight and sending a blessing your way.

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