How to Order Sake – Tasting Notes from A Sommelier

On this episode of Shokunin, sushi chef David Bouhadana visits Shigure, a Tribeca sake bar and Japanese kitchen, for a sake tasting with master sommelier Monica Samuels. Watch for tasting notes and food pairings for five sake varieties, sure to kick-start your traditional Japanese rice wine education.

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jiv32 says:

Shia Labeouf trying to be classy n shit

ufinc says:

Entertaining, educational and inspiring. This is why I love Eater. Keep it up, guys.

LunaticReason says:

Seemed he was already drunk by the third drink.

Collin Dani says:

Now having a craving for SAKE! P.S. are there any Non- alcoholic ones?

bronzedeuce says:

Much better than that guy with the fake accent that eats steaks

Jordan Livington says:

“It’s not the alcohol, it’s hard to remember one sentence – trust me!”
David, IT IS the alcohol talking! Lol.

Malinthe Samarakoon says:

So how exactly DO you order sake?

J Boy says:

Oh how I would LOVE to have a “sake bar” in my city. Just a flight of sake for a night while watching the Warriors play.

Markus Brendel says:

Love this series! keep up the good work

Jae Suk says:

First I guess?

Ivaer Adon says:

The biggest problem I have with this video (and the sommelier) is that this is supposed to be informative- and she is supposed to be an expert- but they don’t even address the fact that “sake” isn’t even the name of the drink. “Sake” is a general term for alcoholic beverages in Japan. “Nihonshu”, or “Seishu”, is what the West calls “sake”, and specifically refers to the clear rice wine.

Roma Levin says:

Worst date ever…

Raxaxa Ganaz says:

sake expert. wow…

Leyla Arsan says:

Informative and entertaining. I love sake and enjoyed learning more about the varietals from the sake expert. Here’s to 18% alcohol sake, kanpai!

Jae Suk says:

Yay! David Bouhadana

Dan Stacey says:

Fuck outta here with your $7 pints of Asahi

Laughing Stock says:

Oxidizing in the bottle without oxygen.. doesnt make sense

Christian Lim says:

Why do people say sake like that. Its (sah-keh) not sah-key; oh my gosh it doesnt take much to pronounce the word in its original language.

Jordan B says:

What does she mean when she says “it’s responsible to spit”? Do you not just drink it? (serious question)

秋田 秋田 says:

actually   SAKE bombs  is korean culture.    that  not culture in japan

Khaled Alsubaie says:

Loved it

Yoshira TV says:

This is really nice video for explain Sake 😉 Thank you

TheMakoyou says:

Sake is impossible that the alcohol content of 80%.
You have been misunderstood or it is not a sake.
Sake is not only 20% or less.

Jesse Weiss says:

Terrible video- No information whatsover about “How to order sake”.

Brian Lai says:

What the outro song? great vid 😀

John Doe says:

I’m hearing saki is only 18% alcohol. So it must be half way between wine and liquor.

TOxicHigh J says:


Golum McSmeagolHomie says:

YUHO!….. What did you call me?! Wonder if he got it in by the end of the night.

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