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Sake is widely known as Japan’s national drink. It is believed that Japan has been making sake in one form or another for over two thousand years.

Technically, sake just means “alcohol,” so any kind of beer, wine or liquor would be considered sake. What most people mean as, “Japanese Rice Wine” is actually called Nihonshu.

And although it’s referred to as “rice wine,” it’d probably be more accurate to say, “rice beer” because wine is made from fermenting fruit, while beer is made from fermenting grains.

When you warm sake, you need to warm in indirectly, through a separate container, like when melting chocolate. Different temperatures bring out different characteristics, so you can warm it to different degrees for a slightly different taste. Just make sure that you don’t warm it too quickly, and don’t allow it to get too hot.


DaveTrippin says:

Awesome video. Great polish on this one.

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absolutely love that bottle. where can I buy here in US? : cannot find in Amazon. thx.

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wow. beautiful and well explained!

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Love these new types of videos, a nice break from the destination videos.

Miss Caipi says:

I love sake… I use in my mobile Brazilian Bar in NY to make nrazilain tropical cocktails in NY. Great explanation:)

Brian Schwarz says:

I drank sake a few times with my boss and co-workers at a few end of the year parties (bonenkai). (I paid for it the next day!) I enjoy these videos. I learn something new.

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Thank you for making such high quality videos!

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