Japanese Sake Vending Machines Are Amazing

Sake Vending Machines are the ultimate reward for Day Three of our journey, as I face my toughest challenge yet.
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Jordy Zomers says:

Is noone gonna help Chris out with his problem of staying awake at night?

Chris, I got you bro.
What you need is a little bit of MDMAzing

Trapsain'tgay says:

I’d much rather have alcoholic vending machines than shitty cigarette vending machines we have over here.

daichi namamugi says:


Albdruck says:

I drink iced water to stay awake! Might force you to go to the toilet more, but the cold temperature always wakes me up 🙂

MondoJohnny says:

Desheveled foreigner??? Man imagine if you were an American version of you! Easily thrice the deshevelment!

AnderPlaying says:


Yuki CSGO says:

I have the best challenge for u. No speak for 1 day

ASMR Sounds of Japan says:

I’ve never heard of these before. Pretty cool.

Mahdi Mohammad says:

Chris if you want to stay awake drink apple jucie with ice .

Kim says:

Things to keep you awake:
Chew gum/candy

Splash cold water on the face

Drink ice water or eat something really cold/frozen

Drape a cold cloth /ice pack behind your neck

Eat something that has a strong taste that you don’t like. The game bean boozled has some flavors that will do the trick.

I don’t know if they sell vitamins in Japan. If they do, get one that has a combination of all the B vitamins.

These are some of the tricks I’ve used working the night shift for over 10 years.

Good Luck

KiloShank says:

The secret to staying awake at night is not knowing when the enemy will attack.

Christine Bina says:

Your face already looks very different, in a good way! Been through the weight loss journey myself, went from 197 pounds to 125 and let me say, it is not easy! It looks like you’re off to a great start. It’s a continuous challenge even after you’ve reached your goal as weight can be hard to keep off, but it’s worth it!

You also seem a lot… happier.

Jack Chiou says:

Chris, is it too late to add “Day Three” into the thumbnail? I thought your Day Three video was postponed heh.

Zim Babwe says:

Need to stay awake?

Snort the wasabi.

Jordan Jacobson says:

What is the opening music?

Stuttsis says:

These episodes are what I need

Chad Rager says:

In my experience short naps are better than coffee for staying awake and alert. I used to be able to nap anywhere…

Miles Dunlap says:

good luck on the rest of your trip. I used to race bikes and I love Japan so also love the videos!

TomyAllen says:

I’m happy to see you are reading the comments buts don’t think to hard on the people judging you…this is your challenge. It’s personal and while you are graciously sharing it with us the decisions you make are your own.

I look forward to seeing more of this adventure and wish you safe travels!

Kurtis Roach says:

you should be livestreaming on twitch

capn kirkie says:

1. Chris’ haircut is amazing
2. It was nice to hear him speak Japanese! I wish he would speak more in his videos

Mario14th says:

A cold shower will keep you awake

Rumi Bloom says:

I don’t know if you can find Yerba Matte, but it’s better for you I believe and can help you stay awake during editing hours! I know some people feel nothing from it, but worth a shot!

Dr Vagax says:

Poor woman went from having just blurred eyes to their entire face being blurred, hope she gets well soon.

Chase J says:

i coulda done this if u never told me how long a kilometer was

Brenton Hirao says:

I think Ryotaro does know a thing or two about bicycles. Stanton Slackline is a seriously rad mountain bike, and they’re well respected and unique. I don’t know how common they are over in Japan but they’re pretty rare in the States and it seems odd that you would just stumble onto one of those instead of something more common like a Trek or Giant.

In other words, that is one really sick bike.

Anthony Medina says:

Crystal method usually keeps me awake

Dr Vagax says:

3 tips from someone who had some late-night studies.
1) Splash of ice cold water to the face.
2) Avoid coffee/energy drinks, they are perhaps useful for short bursts but long term they just make you tired.
3) Walk around every 15-30 minutes, outside or inside.

Harshit Kaushik says:

Whenever you feel sleepy or dizzy just suck on extrey spicy sauce or anything spicy, and trust me that will kick you in, and also in a study it has been proven eating spicy food helps you loose weight. Hope you will at least try it…

Adam Braly says:

Chris, your videos are always so amazing but this series takes the cake! You are doing amazing work, thank you!

Camikesivyer says:

Really enjoy your videos

Kerli Luure says:

I know the struggle with Google maps as a guide for finding a good cycle path. It’s not great. I’ve done a 3000 km journey across Europe using it and it doesn’t really care for the condition of the path or road it leads you onto nor if there even is a path!
I’d advice an amazing app called Komoot instead!
On it you can even choose the type of road surface you prefer and it’s much more up to date than Google! (I wish I’d known about it whilst on my trip.) 😛

T says:

You rock! Keep it up

kinzey pie says:

I would cycle the whole of Japan for a custard cream! #britabroard

chadthelimabean says:

google maps once told me to walk across six railway tracks and then hop a fence… so I did

Vince D says:

Golden Boy <3 Chris Broad has become Kintaro Oe

D2SProductions says:

I’ve only had sake once in my life, it was a very strong sake, strong in its effects, but smooth in flavor, it just tasted like slightly sweetened water.  The sake was Red Oni Killer sake, it was left over from my friend’s sister’s wedding.  It came in a package I’d never expect to see an alcoholic beverage come in, it was a juice box, but it was labled Nihon Sakari Oni Koroshi, there are two versions that I’m aware of, possibly others, but I just know about the two versions, the green label and the red label.  According to my friend who is of the Shinto religion, the Oni Koroshi is used to kill demons, each sip you drink kills a demon, the green labeled sake is weaker, the red is stronger, so I’m not sure if that means the red kills more demons with each sip or if the red kills more powerful demons, but I killed my share of demons that night with the Red Oni Killer.  Though I mentioned that the Oni Killer sake was smooth, I didn’t even taste the alcohol in it until I exhaled, the alcohol was strong on my breath, but didn’t burn my mouth, but as strong as the alcohol seemed on my breath when I exhaled I would’ve expected it to burn my mouth going down but it didn’t.

Marinês Oliveira says:

Thank you for taking us along with you!

Welsh Sasquatch says:

I am drinking sake whilst watching this. But my sake was from a bottle in my fridge not a vending machine.

Abroad in Japan says:

Thanks to you guys for being a part of the journey so far! If you know a secret tip to staying awake without caffeine, now is the time to share your wisdom 🙂
If you want to find out where we’ve been and where we’re heading (literally), you can poke around and explore our itinerary here: https://tokyocreative.com

Rob Walsh says:

That lady was so nice to roll like that. It’s too bad you couldn’t go chill with her. Unless it was actually some sort of serial murder situation/scenario, in which case – no worries.

TokyoProdigy says:

I love this series!!

mrahzzz says:

Chris – I don’t know if you’ll see this, but ever since a friend suggested it, I’ve actually had some success drinking a lot of water *in combination with* a little less coffee if I need to stay awake – could just be placebo, but staying hydrated seems to help keep me mentally sharper for longer than just drinking copious amounts of coffee would.
Efficiency aside, well done for doing your journey on your mountain bike – you’re making it that much more of a challenge, but it’ll be that much more of a success if you are stuck with the bike for the duration, so keep at it and good luck!

Fab says:

Watching you from Nigeria. Keep it up Chris, you can do it.

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