Kit Kat: Almond & Currant, Butter Cookie & Japanese Sake Review

In this video, we are reviewing three Kit Kat Bars from Japan. Kyle traveled to Japan and handpicked these bars for us to try. Flavors include Almond & Currant, Butter Cookie and Japanese Sake.

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jessica schendorf says:

if you go to a Japanese restaurant or hibachi they should have sake there for you to try!

witchestitty says:

To me, normal sake tastes like a strong alcohol, like vodka etc. Not sweet. I don’t think you’ll find Sake tastes like candy. However this is coming from a non/low alcohol drinker and high sweet lover 😉

sylvia h says:

I find some these Japanese kit Kats not very sweet and waxy. bu these sound good. They will for sure have ask at the Ralph’s or bevmo.

Technosquid says:

So jealous. Why does the U.S. have to be the only place where we don’t get nestle kit kats?

Joe Smith says:

Sake that I’ve had has been pretty mild. Of course it depends on the quality. At hibachi restaurants they have squirt bottles filled with sake that they shoot at diners. If you hold your mouth open, you can get quite a bit of free booze!

Moxey Munchies says:

I actually have tried the sake but not the others (they’re in the mail to me as we speak- I’m a japanese kit kat fanatic). I am in Canada and do similar type videos to your snack videos. Would you be interested in doing a snack exchange? I could send you some weird and fun stuff unique to Canada and vice versa. I go to Florida to visit family, but never been to Kentucky area!

RLucas3000 says:

I’m not a fan of alcohol either, just doesn’t taste as good to me as soda or fruit juice

But I do like a hint of a wine flavor in tomato pasta sauce. There was a low calorie Muir Glen Cabernet Marinara (50 per 4 oz) that blew every other jarred pasta sauce I’ve ever tried away!

Since it’s organic it was a bit pricier ($3-4) than regular pasta sauce ($2-3) but not insanely high like some sauces I’ve seen ($7-8). It can be hard to find in many stores though.

Orange Kit Kats around Halloween and White Chocolate Kit Kats (basically the same thing) are my Kryptonite on a diet so I stay far far away from them. 🙂

Berkshire Bacon Lover says:

I love Japanese Kit Kats.

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