Sake Kit Kat Review | Japan Exclusive

Sake Kit Kats are here! Now let’s see if they’re any good…
And NO this video isn’t sponsored by Kit Kat. But it should be. Please give me lots and lots of money Nestle.

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John Blaufuss says:

You eat kit Kate wrong

NeeksArt says:

I’ve had the Matcha ones…I really liked them.
My mom thinks they look gross, because they’re green, and she hasn’t gotten any for me in a while…
Welp, time to take a trip to H-Mart, and get some KitKats.
I would like to try other flavours..

Andrew Hedrick says:

384 calories

cherry johnson says:

I was having a good day then I watched this video. I didn’t notice at first because I wasn’t looking at the screen but I sensed a disturbance in the balance of the universe so I looked up and witnessed the horrible acts taking place in this video. Everyone knows you have to break the kit kat first I don’t even mind if you eat them at the same time but break them.

Alessandro G says:

For fuck’s Kit Kat sake.

Khairuddin Haji Mohamed says:

Ingenious marketing.

Fossies Channel says:

literally my favorite chocolate a frend went to Japan for a honeymoon and brought back 1 there were more but they kept eating them till 1 remained it was unlike anything ive had before it was just so so smooth

PCGamingKing (Formerly TheGhastBros) says:

Im a fan of hersheys chocolate and kit kats you british bully

Error inscript says:

Kit kat is Malaysian tough….

Play-a-maker says:

imagine passing your mate a box of sake kit kat before exam

Michelle A says:

I guess my taste buds are broken, then. I can live with that

Camilaa ReY says:

hello i have a question…why are fruits in Japan so expensive? i live in Brasil and eat fruits everyday if i go to Japan and it is too expensive.. well..i dont know what i ll do hehe

れん says:

You didn’t break the kit-kat in half..

Shiro Dollars says:

ive only tried green tea kit at, it honestly tastes amazing, i really wish i could try more

H L says:

Beware the leading cause of death in this world – DEATH BY KIT KAT!

PotatoJim says:


Shouted Hanzo

Sejez says:

If your child is a weak drinker.

racerdeth says:

I love the KitKat coverage on the channel but you eat KitKat like a fucking animal.

NyaanTV says:

Omg you eat your kitkat wrong!!

PoisonedHive says:

To really piss people off, you should’ve eaten both kit kats from the side

J Griffin says:

how dare you eat kit kats like that, you monster!

Adam Stavast says:

Combine it with Marmite.

That Guy says:

Limited edition…
I need to go and buy some online.

Mugiwara says:


Dale Stephanson says:

I’d like to see you eat a full size KitKat! That’d be funny just chomping it whole…

Dannon Day says:

I saw a pack in a corner store in Hakuba but had no idea that it was sake flavoured!

mukkaar says:

Oh man, I’m so weak to alcohol nowdays. And hangover is crazy. I did some lifestyle changes and went kinda vegan (I still sometimes eat meat and stuff when eating out with friends or something). And basically dropped all the almost all the processed stuff from my diet. Now when I eat or drink something unhealthy, I almost right away notice somethings not right in my body.
And I’m really bad at controlling my drinking when I start drinking. Last time I woke up with so red eyes I tough I was seeing devil in the mirror. And I don’t think I even drank that much.

Benedict Case says:

you nazi, you ate a kit kat like that

Lee Tsui says:

My wife ate half that box and started going red as she has the allergy that’s infamous with Asians. I kid you not she got wasted eating them.

cityblue1982 says:

Best channel on YouTube!

IrrelevantGeOff says:

Top 10 Kit Kat flavors??

Idlehampster says:

Chris, I managed to find sake Kit Kat at a chocolate and candy import store in America! Your review absolutely nailed the smell, taste, and appeal of sake Kit Kat. Just opening the bag for the first time, I received a rush of chocolate and sake-infused air blown towards me.

Katsumi Ami says:

I’ve tried the sake kit kat and I liked it, I want to buy more haha.

Wayne Lee says:

I’m guessing all the dislikes is because of his way of eating Kit Kats

avi bank says:

Hershey’s is the worst haha.

Fisher Brenstuhl says:

You’ve commited a mortal sin

MGH cnsGABA says:

UK= United KitKat.

Steve Matsukawa says:

Can’t sell this in America, too many hysterical mothers and women and way, way too many lawyers.

anikun2013 says:

if its limited edition, I must be a very lucky person to be able to find some nearly a year later

Eric Lin says:

How to win at business: Be a bunch of idiots and name your snack Kit Kat, then get lucky because Japan

Buzz In Lazerbeam says:

Stocked up at Haneda Airport. They’re nearly gone though…

Ciel durbin says:

Strawberry kitkats appeared in an American Safeway by my house. First strawberry, soon wasabi.

Judi McRae says:

You can buy Kit Kat Sake from Amazon. I just ordered 12 pieces for $7.12

alireyisboss says:

it bothered me that he did not break it first and just bit both sides lol

JBS says:

Someone brought this to work in New York today. I was shocked to see it, but very happy.

Steve Matsukawa says:

Hershey’s as a corporation has absolutely raped the Hershey name, what was once a pleasant tasting confectionery has become a poor, bastardized reflection of what was a proud name in America. Corporations have done nothing but ruin America’s reputation in the world as good, high quality goods.

Frans Lebin says:

I eat a kit kat that way as well.

You’re doing nothing wrong!

xenoblad says:

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