Sake Kit Kats

Sake Kit Kats just came out in Japan, and they’ve got 0.8% alcohol in them. How do they taste? Actually like Sake? We’re gonna taste them out and let you know.

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Amy hasnal says:

will they get drunk?

KonnichiBeaucoup says:

My japanese teacher gave these to us in class. Many memes were born that day.

KungPowKirby says:

I want to hear the math! Lol

deke1974 says:

Where’d you buy them? I haven’t seen any in my local convenient stores

Jocelyn says:

i seriously choked on myself laughing and nearly threw up. oh it hurts but its so funny

Lilana Jarosevski says:

Should have done it with red velvet tim tams.
Luv from Oz!

tequilabb says:

I liked these! Friend brought some back to Canada for me from Japan 😀


Why eat kitkat the normal way when you use it as a straw? Oowaaahhh ( o w o)

wannabacosplayer4 says:

FYI whit chocolate isn’t actually chocolate because it doesn’t have any cocoa in it. It’s just a white cream candy

Gabriela Yu says:

do you need to be of legal drinking age to buy these?

Kay chan says:

I tried the plum ones it taste like cough Syrup to me but it settles well doesn’t make you drunk or whatever it’s a easy candy

Kenny says:

ahh I want one of those one cup sake’s, those are so cute

Sugar muffin says:

This turned into Simon and Martina get wasted off kitkats

Mariko Yojishi says:

are they still selling these because i loved THESE!!!!!!! please please tell me these are still on sale

ShioriRose says:

how are you guys teaching yourself japanese? i took a course in college but it was so rushed. more overwhelming then anything. id love to visit japan. kudos to you guys for moving there :3

wawa005 says:

Why dont you guys sell me some since I can’t get there to try it.

Teh Doge Right Over There says:


Yasumi Ⓥ says:

this video gradually became less kitkat and more sake until it was “might as well throw out the kitkats and just have sake”. So if it really was sponsored by kitkat this would’ve been a fail cause we all just want One cups now xD

Comic Girl says:

They sound delicious. But you can’t get drunk off of any sort of food cooked with alchol. It burns off during the cooking processes. Kids would bring them to school pretend being drunk I’d call em out and be like oh well this is awkward.

Cleo Lau says:

I’m sorry to say I only focus on Martina when you two sit together… maybe I’m just focusing on her enjoying the chocolate

Cece Rodgers says:

can u do a big kitkat haul

singerinthewind says:

I agree. White chocolate is not chocolate. I’m so curious about these kit kats. Merp.

Traci B says:

They don’t let kids buy this do they?

Nika Borovic Granjas says:

do try not to laugh challenge

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