Sake Review: TOZAI Junmai Nigori, Snow Maiden

Sake Review: Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori Premium Japanese Sake. Product of Japan, ABV 14.9% Serve slightly chilled.


JayJKay HouseOfHarley's says:


How To Solve65 says:

967 done please back me

Joe Kersey says:

Yeah, we’ve been under the deluges here the last two days. Liked the fogged up lens effect — great degree of verisimilitude — especially reflective of the way one feels the next day after drinking sake. I had a friend who would clean corporate apartments rented by Japanese businessmen who came to Columbus, and frequently he would give me bottles of sake that they left behind. I’d try them and then essentially throw the rest out. Just doesn’t do well with me.

Jake Buchanan says:

Love the dedication. Cheers

hillbillywine101 says:

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor thunder and lightning, nor fear of death will keep hillbillywine101 from bringing you the latest videos. Cheers!

D. Greeley says:

Lol, Your not in Japan.
We recognize your yard.
Your looking a little hazy John.
Bonsai or bottoms up.
Like #21

Beautiful awesome says:

Lovely rain thank for sharing

foodquig says:

Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening ME!! Shooting a vid in the pouring rain is a nice touch LOL

Was the sake warmed up? I hear it’s best when warmed up…

Back Woods Billy Craft Beer Reviews says:

Man that’s Dedication! in the rain.. Neither Rain, Snow, Sleet nor Hail shall Stop Hill Billy Wine 101 from filming.. Looks interesting.. I will have to try it I have not see a Sake that milky white before.. Not that up on Sake… I Have Smashed The like Button!  Cheers!

茶岩石Allergy Boys says:

wow酒!純米! haha nice video

Rafal Scrapper says:

once i get lets say original sake from one vilige from nepal but i think they cheat my friend it was taste like an 2 dl gin mixed up with 5 dl of water i had one originall bottle from japan but is the only one in my collection so it staying out on my display for now

Alyaa Aly says:

Nice video!! Thanks for sharing

Bankey Sharma says:

Big like 13 Nice video

Theyoutuberpolyglot says:

It’s raining
Happy weekend sir!

Community Tours Australia says:

Big rain Ha ? in Melbourne its 1st day of spring today no rain but im drinking Jack D. Cheers.. .hey your cam fogged up

Tim"s Brew"s says:

good one get in the house nut …………………………….CHEERS


Now I just want to eat sushi and get tanked on sake.

Arizona Ghostriders says:

Good review!

Friday Fish Facts says:

The weather was crazy! I’d like to try more sake. I don’t know much about it

jesse playz says:

Rains like that here in North Carolina

Stoneyard Vineyard's says:

Made some sake myself , drank it warm nice informative vid Prost

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