Ty Ku Sake Review: Cucumber, Coconut, Junmai Gingo

Today we have a bit of a long sake tasting utilizing four bottles of Ty Ku to see what the differences in the sake categories. So, by the end of this video I hope you can better understand what the sake label is describing and why you are spending more on some bottles than others.

You’ll get to see our reactions to a cucumber sake and the coconut sake. Hopefully you will be encouraged to try junmai vs. a junmai gingo.

Glencairn Glasses: http://bit.ly/1c7EfGK
Yokozuna Splash / Sake Bomb: http://bit.ly/1Qz4VRF

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sanchezjr13 says:

I have the TY KU citrus.The bottle lights up!!Ever have it?

Fhyuka Youa says:

Got my sushi & nihonshu. Dinner and a show.

DeWaf09 says:

😀 been waiting for this since you guys put out the sake bomb video! Very excited for it, and it did not disappoint!!!

Stephen Harris says:

thank you like sake, you also help thing about drink

Kyle Wood says:

The gray bottle of sake is what I used in my bloody samurai for the bloody mary contest!

david warihay says:

work just got better

liesofthepast says:

Screw this QOTD. I guess the sneeze feeling. Ugh it’s just so bad either way. Favorite sport Football or for the Olympics it’s between skiing and curling. I have no idea why I enjoy watching curling…

Dave G says:

I agree with Jen. Change the question and I’ll go with baseball just to be different. Hiccups would suck though.

Brad Thomas says:

Huh sake sake!!!

DarkCraft41 says:

Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye and barley. Poeple who are gluten free either gluten intolerance or have celiac disease. The difference is gluten intolerance is basiclly the same as lactose intolerance, you can’t digest it. Celiac is a auto immune reaction where your body actually rips your small intestine apart and causes serve long term damage.

Any distilled product SHOULD remove any gluten from the base gain, but some products and rye, or barley after distilling re containing it.

luis h says:

haha, i just got a bottle of TYKU at my bar for a bartendi g competition i won. However, to me its a nice paper weight.. Don’t hate me. -__-

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