American vs Scottish Whisky

“I’ll drink that and forget my problems”

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Video Description :
We got some of our contributors to try a selection of American and Scottish whiskys to see which ones they preferred.

People featured in this video:

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Credits :
Produced by Creative Nation
Music licensed from Epidemic Sound

Facts. is an online brand that creates short and relate-able videos including taste tests, watching TV/ YouTubers, gender taboos & more.

Similar to channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, TheFineBros & GMM we focus on creating content that depicts people (usually Irish people) experiencing new things for the first time, whether that be food, drink or maybe a TV show!


Space Monkey says:

These people have absolutly no appreciation for Scotch or Bourbon so what’s the point ?

TrollingMasterHD says:

Why you doubting my Country Whiskey huh we invented Whiskey

Mothafuckin Anarchist says:

Ok I’m American but this should’ve but all these whiskeys are pretty cheap. OF COURSE the US makes better CHEAP whiskey than Scotland.

Next time put Glenlivet 18 vs Maker’s 46. That’s actually a competition.

Error404 says:

Johnnie Walker red is literally hand sanitizer, but thinner. Black label is their best and the only one in their line that’s remotely good.

Angus McGregor says:

stop giving shite Scottish whisky!!!!!!!

boideus says:

@1.31 Enable the automatic subtitles and thank me later!

CHOOK. Beerlover says:

In my humble opinion as great as both of these are the Japanese and Aussie product is even better..

Cameron Macleod says:

You didn’t even get them to taste the most famous Scottish Whiskies…

dsahgkg says:

red label is meant for mixing, in fact it’s made for mixing
not straight
well no shit
seems like someone manipulated the result purposely on these. hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

IndustrialBonecraft says:

They should have had Laphroaig in there. But yeah, predictable in general – I like scotch, but Bourbon is a lot smoother and easier to drink than Scotch.

Holy Cow says:

they forgot so many!

Derek Rankin says:

Those were crap Scottish Whisky’s. Where was the Bell’s, the Famous Grouse, the Dalmore or Chivas Regal?

Beat my meat Jeremiah says:

I’m sorry but the Scottish is the purest I’ve been to plenty of distillery and the Scottish whisky is the strong pure whisky out of the two

Thomas Stevenson says:

Scottish ones are stronger coz were no pussys

Elisabeth Plays games says:

This is why Americans can’t come to Scotland there used to fizzy sweet but us Scottish ppl are used to strong malt

TenTonNuke says:

Jim Beam vs JW Red… my least favorite whiskeys together in one horrible taste test.

mr leemetford says:

at the beginning when i heard that drinking on your own is not fun i mostly drink on my own and i dont mind it to tell you the truth

Sarah Craig says:

why don’t you actually try some REAL single malts, rather than pish blends.

Anshuman Rohella says:

red label ? dude that is shit.

passableclown says:

Oh fucking hell you gave the poor bastards Red Label. Give them a good aberfeldy whisky, glemorangie, laphroig etc!

Steven Poe says:

Not to be inpolitic, but that red head is one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen.

Supreme Memelord Abradolf Lincler says:

Americans are just pussies…fuckin macallan for ma 13th birthday…

Andy Cigars says:

Not really a good representation of American whiskey if you picked Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam…both are crap.

Talorc MacAllan says:

there is no E in Whisky unless yer drink was spiked, and nobody , aye NOBODY!!! makes better whisky than us , so next time buy a decent one

Lorena Melendez says:

JW Red Label is Scotch.

Calvin Limuel says:

how do you guys make up the pairs to compare??

Nathan Cleghorn says:

I never realized how PUSSY Irish people were lol like it’s some alcohol why all those faces and shit??

colin wilson says:

better or worse people just like what they are used to

Pornpojana Thongves says:

I’m not British, but give them Jim as Scottish whisky? give them single malt , Jura or something similar

Bryony Ferguson says:

please its not scotch its Scottish

Shyanna Coleman says:


sophie Milroy says:

Whiskey is a Scottish thing!!

Zachasuno says:

George, bro fist man, bro fist!

Chuck Ironsight says:

the scotch choices are really bad

SM MM says:

red label is as low you can get, not a good representation of scottish whiskey

Mr. E says:

Palm-warmed 15-year Glenfiddich.

Elisabeth Plays games says:

ALL MY SCOTTISH PEEPS WHERE U AT! lol whiskey in Scotland could kill someone if u drank to much

HOBBIT cadillac says:

that red head girl is a thing of beauty

Doctor Infallible says:

Aka: Let’s gather up a bunch of wusses that can’t handle a stronger drink, and see how many of them pick the sweeter and smoother drink.

Mr. G says:

Cute vs Sexy. This is a trap. Well done.

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