Ardbeg Uigeadail Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

Review of Ardbeg Uigeadail Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Please share/subscribe!


sleazypig says:

So you are saying it’s better than Johnny Walker red?

Raymaster7482 says:

I really like the 10y old. Looks like I’m going to buy another Ardbeg pretty soon 🙂

Matt Aspinall says:

HI Joe. This is one of the few miniatures I’ve had that I would definitely buy a bottle of. It’s very, very good!

JA M says:

Another great review, thanks! Wondering if you have any plans to review the Guardians’ Chapter any time soon? I’m thinking about buying a bottle but it’s hard to find any real, credible reviews!

A Dram A Day says:

Now, I could be wrong, but I think – I *think* – that you liked this? 😉

Springbanker says:

this is the whisky that reconciled me with Islay.
great stuff!

Bertram Klein says:

My favorite Ardbeg!
Love it

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Great Review Joe , love your passion and your love of this whisky.
This is my favorite whisky hands down!!!

MeekoRa says:

Joe, what a great review of a great whisky! Recently your videos have been a fanfare of excellent malts that I personally most often come back to (thanks to the HP tasting) and this one is no exception! What a quality dram! Wish I could make it to Islay Festival! Cheers!

Loco Pilot says:

This is a lovely dram!!!

mark soroka says:

Love it.

Keith Petersen says:

I just picked up a 50ml sample and I must say, I was blown away. I have 30-35 sherry scotches and as much as I like them, this Uigeadail sure opened my eyes. I would not have a problem returning some of my sherry scotches for this. Are there any other Islay scotches that are as good or similar to the Uigeadail that I would enjoy. I have had the Lagavulin 16 and it was to medicinial for me. This is one of my best scotches I have ever tasted bar none and for only $60 per 750 ml….. I would rate this scotch a 9 or 10!!!! Great video.

Simon Shaw says:

Life changing indeed! This is my favourite available / affordable whisky. Never out of my cupboard 🙂 Great tasting notes Joe.

Josh Ashton says:

Just to add, whiskey Wednesday keep doing what you are doing it is this review that made me go out and buy this (in the rain on my lunch hour!!)

Edwin Noordman says:

Must be one of the few, but personally I think Ardbeg is overvalued. Not my taste, give me previous Highland Park series 🙂

Anton Storozhuk says:

Thanks for another awesome review! 🙂

Chandan Singh says:

Hey Joe, great review as always. Can you provide any kind of comparison between this and the 10 year old and Corryvreckan

Sanford Hamby says:

A truly outstanding review. Makes me want to go out a buy a bottle right now. Thank you.

Anton Storozhuk says:

What dates whisky fest will be held this year at?

No Nonsense Whisky says:

I tried this at a festival and didn’t get on with it at all. Much too peaty for my tastes

Rian Creamer says:

Tried this in a bar recently and was very, very impressed! I love the 10 yo but the added raisin notes really made this amazing! I was with ‘sympathetic’ non-whisky drinking friends, if you know what I mean, but will have to invest in a bottle so I can indulge at my leisure. Thanks for the review – not seen one of yours for a while and like the new(?) setting! Apologies for asking something you have probably explained before, but where is that? Your shop?

Christopher Mercer says:

Yes, tar, soot, TCP – all the reasons why I don’t like it. But I have great respect for those who do! (Time for a dram of Highland Park.)

Katherine Boswell says:

Hey Joe. Another good review. I will be at the festival all week this year. Let’s have a dram or two!

Knvb011 says:

Best whiskey for the $ in the world. The 10 is superb but this is up with some of the greats

Arto Arvola says:

How do you compare this with Corryvreckan?

Malt Moments says:

Great review Joe. Love your response as this is exactly how I feel when drinking the Uigeadail. Agree with your comments about adding water as well. I really enjoy this one at full strength. Very jealous on the festival front! Cheers Sean

Sauli Puro says:

Great review and reactions! This is what good whisky is all about 🙂
Looking forward to your footage from Islay.

Josh Ashton says:

I agree with the positive comments regarding this whiskey. Must be tried to be appreciated, just cracked open my bottle and hands down the best peated whiskey of my collection.

Hogibaer says:

Great review, Joe! Admittedly, the Oogie is one of the nas bottles I still buy since it was there pretty well before everyone jumped the train (and consecutively the shark, imho). As for the quality, it’s very good I agree, but I would question the 10+ age. If it were even or above ten I reckon they would put it on the label – the world is yearning for an older Arbeg cask strength. I think at least nowadays it’s a mix with some well below ten y.o. spirit it in.
Interesting thing is the batch variation, there was an edition with two green ardbeg tumblers a few years ago (bottle code L12 016) that had noticeably more sherry cask influence & seemed a bit older, too. Still have a bottle & would love to show you, but won’t be able to make it to Scotland this year, unfortunately. Well, so much for now, keep up the nice work!

Hermann Kopper says:

As a big fan of Islay whisky….this one is hands down my favorite of the lot. Nectar of the gods.

Well Aged Scotch says:

Great review! Amazing how many flavors you can identify.

cyberstud007 says:

I have had a bottle thats now empty. Pepper, Smoke, Sea fish seabass, burnt, smoky, peat , citrus and complex. My dad does not like peat but we finished this and moved to Dalmore Cigar (smooth, non-complex, long finish, sherry).

Robert Ross says:

The toughest thing about Uigeadail is that ever-time I drink my Ardbeg 10 year, it makes me wonder why I’m not drinking Uigeadail. Definitely 10/10. Thanks for the review.

NiceyNiceGuyMike says:

It has been too long since I’ve enjoyed an Ardbeg. A mistake that needs to be addressed.

LEE ZO says:

This has been my personal favourite since trying it for the first time a couple of years back!! It’s pretty much Perfect!!

WhiskyWhistle says:

Great review of a great whisky, Joe! I’m so glad I picked up a bottle on a whim a year ago aboard a plane. Loved it so much I ordered another bottle. I look forward to your report of the festival! One day I will make a pilgrimage.

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