Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from the last 25 years
I’m in the whisky business for 25 years now. I came upon several outstanding single malt whiskies from Scotland which I present here. They are NOT the best of all but my personally best whiskies. And that is not completely true. There had been whiskies out there which had better than these. But they are long gone now and I do not want to present whiskies from which you do not have the slightest chanche to get a sip from.

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dtec - lab says:

The ‘ 58 solera

Brooklyn001 says:


Khundrakpam Nenan says:

pliz review the DINFIFE Scotch blended Whisky

Peter Guzie says:

A wonderful list to guide my search. Thank you Horst!

Leonidas Spartan says:

I love Germans and Deutschland

Nattaya Singlom says:

Thank you very very much for making this video

Stefan Scheiffele says:

Balvenie 12 is NOT a sherry wood finish!

eaopanama says:

One that I enjoy much which is also delicious and cost effective, is the heavy sherry influenced..Aberlour A’bunadh..What a joy!!

Noble Oak says:

The best Single Malt Whisky for me is the Glenfiddich 18 years old ! Old , smooth and elegant !

Peter Clarke says:

Lagavulin? Isn’t that one of the terrible Diageo line

Kaiyi Qu says:

Enjoy a nice bottle of scotch is such a personal yet professional matter!

P Walker Fitted Bedrooms says:

Along with Ralfy my go to whisky review site. Keep up the fantastic work.

Alex Ks says:

As for me, Macallan 18 Sherry Oak is worth to buy. Macallan 18 FO isnt – good whisky, but not so great for such overhyped price. Neverthless, I bought Mac 18FO two years ago for only 40 euros on sales for collection purposes only.

lorenz yacoubian says:

A truly wonderful presentation. Vielen Dank.

Tommy Rommazontz says:

Glenlivet 18. Cant go wrong.

Joe Ninety says:

Horst, is the man.

B Guns says:

Great video, mr. Luening!

Richard Rico says:

Thank you for bringing up this topic Sir.

Painkiller DCXVI says:

I’m drinking a Balvenie 12 triple cask right now… oh man it’s delicious.

Robert Horovitz says:

Great video! I’ve never tried a glenfarclas, but thinking about the 17 year old. $130 CAD in Ontario. Good one?

lee kirby says:

A few of my favourites
Ardbeg 10
Glendronach 12
Glenmorangie signet
Lagavulin 12
Glenlivet 18
Balvenie 12

Ben Ng says:

Nice list but no Old Pulteney and Springbank?

Borys Vengerov says:

I wonder why Luenings ignore Springbank that much… It is an exceptional distillery after all, Glenfarclas-like.

cantbendknee says:

Macallan 18 isn’t readily available

TheParadigmShift says:

Have tried at least 3/4 of those bottles. Definitely a fan of the Lagavulin 16. Some of my recent faves are the Balvenie 21 Portwood, Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or, Glenfarclas 17 & 25, BenRiach 17 Septemdecim, Clynelish 14, Laphroaig Lore and Glen Garioch Virgin Oak.

Whiskey Aficionado Trevor Johnston says:

Awesome work indeed….:)

Richard Sugerman says:

I apologize in advance for the comment from the “V not W” guy.

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