Bruichladdich Black Arts 4.1 Scotch Whisky Tasting Review and Gaelic pronunciation difficulties

1990 23 Year Old
70cl / 49.2%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distillery BottlingThis is the fourth edition of Bruichladdich’s Black Art series. The whisky is created by Master distiller Jim McEwan and the composition is kept a secret. All we know is it’s aged in a combination of American and French oak.


peter white says:

Was $250 cdn in Ontario, but long gone.

Lose the hat Bruno:)

Trevor Gray says:

break it down Brook-laddie

Samuel Speers says:

Don’t like it much do ya Bart

Keith Petersen says:

I’m going over some videos I may have missed and came across this. Sounds like one of the best bottles you’ve tasted. TWE still has it for about $236.. I put it on my list of bottles to purchase. Another appealing scotch, too many to choose from. Great review.

peter white says:

Your score is accurate for this one. Since I will never be able to afford the Brora 2014 release, 35 years, then this is it for me regarding SM Scotch. The Balvenie 15 year SB Sherry Cask and Bowmore 15 Laimrig are close, but no cigar.

How much of your bottle is left?

Dan E says:

Would love to try it, sounds great! $$$ One of my favorite whiskies is the Laddie 10yo.

haspeedha says:

Still have a 4.1 locally, but it is a bit out of my price range. Sounds like it is quite the bottle though

Don Nishita says:

Sitting in a back bar at a hotel in Berkeley a couple weeks ago, I spy that short, squat black bottle. Ask the bartender what it is, he has no idea so brings it over. Turns out to be the Black Arts 3.1! He has no idea what it is and says no one orders it as it’s sitting nestled in between some of the more commercial brands (i.e. Macallan, Glenfiddich, etc). He had just poured out a Clynelish 14 for me at a price of $17, I ask how much for the Black Arts. He punches it into the system, $22 a serving, I immediately say that’s my next drink. I ended up taking my drink back to my room as they were closing but letting it sit in the glass for 30 minutes really opened it up. I’ve been in other restaurants where they were asking $90 for a glass of Macallan Rare Cask which is another $300 bottle so to charge $22 for the Black Arts is amazing! I’m actually going back in a month and am hoping that they still have that bottle sitting nestled between it’s taller and less intimidating cousins so I can enjoy it again.

K. Köhler says:

You just sold this Single Malt to me and you are right, the next Black Art is way more expensive. I really enjoy your whisky reviews. Greetings from Germany. Slainte.

roy roy says:

You guys seem to have my exact taste, lol. That is one of my favorites. I Have had two bottles and haven’t opened the third. Great Scotch.

Samuel Speers says:


Ernesto Cortes says:

Wonderful whisky. Anyone else get persimmon on the finish?

Gachain says:

BruichLaddich=(Brudhach a Chladdaich) In Gaelic (Gaeilge Gale ygah) both Scottish and Irish an H after a consonant silences the consonant sound to a Hah sound and AICH OR AIDH at the end of a word can be pronounced like E. CH at the end of a word can pronounced hard (HAKH) Hence in Scottish Gaelic the name is pronounced (Brew ah kh Laddie) It means Steep Stony Bank. Irish Gaelic for the bank of a body of water is BRUACH=(Brew ahk)

Dog=Madadh (Mahdah) in Scottish Gaelic Dog=Madra ( collq:Mahdah) in Irish Gaelic. I am conversational in Irish Gaelic and I know a few words in Scottish Gaelic. I am also a card carrying member of The Intellectual Ferment Group LOL Gachain is my last name in Irish Gaelic (pron: Gaw hahn) SLÁINTE Mike Gaughan (Gaw hahn)

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