Bruichladdich, The Classic Laddie Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review #103

Scotch 4 Dummies review of: Bruichladdich, The Classic Laddie – Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review #102 | 2.255 out of 4 average rating!

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Ebbhead2424 says:

You’re supposed to add (teaspoons of) water, brothers! 😉

John Deveau says:

I think the water separates the oils from the other components. Initially, the water will bring out the alcohol more but then allows for the other flavors/aromas to separate from the alcohol and enables them to come out more.

Gachain says:

Hey Guys:

Enjoying a dram of GLEN MORAY 16 while watching Game 2 of 3 in the National Lacrosse League Western Division Final between the Colorado MONMOUTH and the Saskatchewan RUSH The RUSH are up 1 game to 0. Game 2 is 4-4 at the half.

The Glen Moray 16 has a nice golden color with a nose of grape juice and nice Floral notes. The Palate has a Malty sweet arrival with light Floral notes underneath. The Floral notes rise to the foreground as I hold it in my mouth. Pepper spices the mix as I swirl it around. The Finish is Dry and Peppery.

To my Palate the folks at GLEN MORAY Distillery make very enjoyable whiskey at a Great Price point. I have had G.M. 10 Chardonnay Casks, G.M. Classic PORT FINISH and G.M. 16. Very Enjoyable Spring and Summer Whisky. At the price point sampling all or most of their expressions are on the menu.



Sean Galloway says:

Have not tried any Bruichladdich yet, have always wanted to, however it’s hard to find in bars/restaurants around here and I haven’t been drinking much Islay recently. Will have to pick some up just to try it. Cheers, gents!

Levi Scott says:

Have you tried their islay barley 2009. My buddy perfers it I prefer the classic. What is your opinion?

bedlamborn says:

It is a no age statement whisky but if you take the batch number and enter it on their homepage one can see what casks were used to make that batch. Quite interesting.

Jason Voorheese says:

I’ve always seen Bruichladdich as Islay’s lightly peated yang to Bunnahabhain’s yin!

conor strang says:

Could you tell us the batch code so people can check what were all the different cask types and ages used?

John Deveau says:

Sadly, I bought this bottle before I could really appreciate the subtleties and differences in scotch. Even in the same bottle, how they can change with each pour and sip. Because of that, I used this bottle to experiment with infusing my own flavors into a bottle that you don’t like. So sad! I wish I hadn’t done that so I could try it again and really know whether or not I like it.

Saltire says:

Bruichladdich always do good stuff. I have a bottle of this open, and it is fiery but is indeed a very chewable whisky (like all of their expressions I’ve tried) and full of flavour. Great mouthfeel also. I have the 10 yo 2nd edition expression of this too unopened, and its meant to be cracking.

Jonathan-Emma Gadsby says:

Nice review, thanks. I’ve got the 10yr second ed, and I’ve never had a whisky that changes so much in the glass. I add about a teaspoon of water to an almost single measure. It still packs a big up front punch but half an hour later the remaining whisky is still getting smoother, rounder and has a strong oily apple, pear and maybe some ginger flavour too. I’m also normally one for the Islay stuff, and I don’t normally add any water to anything, but this is a really pleasant change.

Tribe Time Ty says:

This Classic Laddie is a big bag of Kettle Corn for me. I really love it. I’m a little surprised your scores weren’t higher because it is bold, flavorful, and very unique. I was blown away when opening this bottle the first time. Most scotches smell similar to other scotches of the same style. This is absolutely nothing like anything I’ve tried. I think this holds water better than 90% of scotches out there. Apparently the Laddie 10 is significantly better than this. I would be highly impressed. For an entry level bottling under $60, this is an instant must have on the shelf for me. Thanks Dummies!!

No Nonsense Whisky says:

This classic seems to be one of the most changeable drams on the market. I get you can track it but a little more consistency would be appreciated

Cody Lockwood says:

just picked this up and Im really enjoying it. very interesting style of scotch. I absolutely love the port charlotte Scottish barley so I grabbed this one next.

Raymaster7482 says:

I have the Laddy 10 (second edition) and that one is pretty nice. Never tried the NAS whiskys from Bruichladdich so thx for the review 🙂

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