Costco Kirkland 18 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Review

Costco Kirkland 18 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Review – Trenny and C review this offering from mega box store Costco and debate who makes it and what Distillery may be the possible source. For the price does their scotch whisky have bang for buck?


eric gilbert says:

$40 for a 18 yo scotch? All I got to say is fucking eh bud

foodquig says:

Costco sells whisky in BC? It’s been some years since I went to Costco for anything…

Robert Horovitz says:

Nice review fellas.

Pipe Smoking Boardgamer says:

Just found your channel and enjoying your videos. Have a happy holiday may good man! Peace.

Sakima says:

Haha buddy on the right looks zoned out in a lot of videos. Great video guys.

Snitmaniac says:

C$35 for 18 year single malt?! Just another reason why Alberta rocks and nanny state Ontario sucks!

Whisky Neighbour says:

I really wanted this to be more than a leather glove. Sure, it’s an old glove, but I was hoping for a special find. Maybe the next expression. Right now they are trying to sell a 16 yr for $69.00 in my neighborhood. Odd. They have a few known scotches for that price right beside it, and I can’t think who would drop that amount on a Kirkland. Thanks for reviewing this and saving me the trouble! Cheers

Drew Faber says:

I like the taste of this. I didn’t identify the baseball glove leather smell, but I did not like the initial smell. It was nasty.

Johnny Blaze says:

Good review but I wish the guy on the left also gave his opinion on what his final thoughts were of the drink instead of deferring to what the other guy thought. Just a different perspective is always good since we all have different tastes. Duo reviews are good as long as the independent opinions are maintained. Definitely do more Kirkland brands.

Phillip Gonzalez says:

Nice guys Baseball glove is so right not bad for the price Marry Xmas CREERS

cato says:

Tons of coloring and all 40% abv whisky is chill filtered. It has to be due to high water content otherwise it would cloud up. Still a fine value whisky if that’s your goal.

Andy Wilson says:

I got ask , how wasted do you guys get for sum of these videos ?

Frank lampard says:

There’s been plenty of debate on the source distillery for this Kirkland 18 year expression, and you guys are not the first to suggest Macallan, but question is why would Macallan do this? The 18 year Macallan is nearly $300, so why sell their product to Costco at such an amazingly low price? The obvious answer is sales volume but Macallan is one of the smaller distilleries so shifting their product wouldn’t seem to be a problem given it’s reputation as a premium brand.

Drew Faber says:

The version I just bought is 46%AbV. Kirkland Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Sherry Cask Finish, aged 18 years.

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